What Collections are a docuemnt in?

I’ve suddenly found :wink: the Collections feature really useful for putting together separate documents that need harmonisation. I can add a document to a collection; I can remove a document; delete the collection itself. The one function that appears to be missing for them is having a list of which Collections a particular document is currently in.

For example, I have one for “internal resolution” and use it for tracking all those documents that need some additional work, there’s one for ensuring that different parts of a scenario are consistent even though the narrative events happen at different times and then the collection for keeping the relationships between various characters in line. One document could be in all three (or for some documents four, five, six or more). When revising the document I’d like to know what those other collections are. I’m using Annotations in the document(s) to identify where specifically and what needs revising/extending, tracking and aligning. But I can find a quick way to see what other fix-ups I should be making in the current document (especially when it is several thousand words long and those annotations are not on screen).

I’m afraid that’s not possible at this time.

However, have you considered using Keywords for this? It’s possible to build a Collection based on a Keyword search, but Keywords also show in the document metadata in the Inspector pane.


I developed a work around: Scrivener links in the document notes of the inspector. Not automatic but it almost serves the purpose especially as I deliberately put those links in Annotations so I can move to the relevant documents easily.