What Do You Really Want For Christmas?

Let the imagination run wild. What do you REALLY want? No not peace on earth :imp:. You don’t REALLY want that do you? And don’t wish for Sarah, it could be a nightmare. And don’t wish for accelerating climate change, even though it’s cold in your country. Think of all the polar bears floating on the tiny pieces of ice. :smiling_imp:

I don’t want an iPad cause I already have one and I LOVE it. But I never had an iPhone. So I think I wish for an iPhone 4 this year :smiley:. What do you REALLY, REALLY want for Christmas?

A comfortable jockstrap.

So the girls are all over you … :smiling_imp:

And there we have it folks. The record is now set for the quickest change of a thread from respectable fun to … fun for the lower decks (thank you Mr K I thought this thread was about to get serious, you have saved us).

Can anyone beat three words?

sorry :blush: meant a comfortable hernia truss.

But we are now into 4 words.

I know you can get it down to 2. Not sure you can make it 1 though.

I wish someone would buy him a muzzle and a gag! :frowning:

I’m sure there is a street corner where you could find someone willing to help you with that.

But Fluff, is that really what you want for Christmas? Wouldn’t something like

be more appropriate for one of your obvious royal linage?

I think not Mr Jaysen! Are you for real ? Have you seen the state of humanity?

I grant you that, but given their servitude you could simply command

being your abject servants we would do naught but comply.

I’ve given it quite a bit of thought, and while I can see the potential benefits of an end to hunger and world peace, what I’d really like is for the guys at HBO to make another season of “The Wire”.

Mr pfder,
Do I detect your feline neighbour’s preferences at work there? :confused:

From my limited experiments to date, she seems to be a big fan of “Dawson’s Creek”. This morning she learnt a new trick: That a freshly ironed shirt is excellent to stand on as it keeps your toes nicely toasty. I was particularly pleased with that one.

Oh dear! Mr pfder, you really don’t know who’s being taught or trained here, do you? Ah well…

Dear vic-k. You have done a great service to our community and I think we should grant you your wish. But I’m little uncertain about which ones you prefer. I have found two jockstraps that look very comfortable. The first are appropriate if it’s really true that you are from royal lineage as Jaysen says.
The other is warm for cold winter weather and I think you should feel really cosy in them. Please tell us which one you prefer.

Damn! :confused: Decisions decisions!![size=85] Decisions decisions!![/size] [size=50]Decisions decisions!![/size]

Mr Robert,
It’s a straight-jacket vic-k needs not a jockstrap. I hope the furry thing is fake fur, Mr Bob. It wouldn’t do to be using little animals for that kind of thing! :open_mouth:

OK, we can give him that too. I think this model with the long sleeves should suit him well. What’s your opinion Mr Fluff?

Saints preserve us Mr Bob! I feel a fur ball coming up! :open_mouth:
There is no Mr Fluff. I am a lady cat, and Vic-k is my human. Even cats have their crosses to bear.

Decisions decisions! Any chance of a furry one with crossed swords? :confused: