What do you use instead of Project Notes?

I’ve (finally) just upgraded my Scrivener and am trying to figure out how to work without the Project Notes option. That’s where I’ve kept ongoing notes as I’ve written, names, descriptions–anything I need to see immediately without pulling up another file. I created a document that I’ve been having to pull into every other document as document bookmark, but I’m thinking there HAS to be an easier way than pulling it in to every scene document every. single. time. Plus, I can’t get it to show under the Manuscript option if I need to look through the manuscript as a whole (which is usually how I edit) . What are you all using? Or is the the only way now to do Project Notes? Please tell me I’m missing something obvious…

Project Bookmarks replaces Project Notes.

The Header of Document Bookmarks is a list with two items. Document Bookmarks and Project Bookmarks.


Oh my gosh, that was easy! And I’m smacking myself for not seeing that drop down to toggle between document and project bookmarks. That solved the problem! Thank you!!

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It’s even better than that.

Launch Project Bookmarks using the little bookmark icon on the toolbar or Project > Project Bookmarks. Then, click the little arrow in the lower right corner of the project bookmarks pane, to transform it to a Quick Ref panel with the Bookmarks Sidebar open. This feature allows you to navigate all your project bookmarks in a separate Quick Ref panel. Very handy for accessing research material and notes.

See section 10.3.3 in the manual for more info.



That is AWESOME! Thank you!