What does exporting/importing preferences save?


I just installed the new version of Scrivener for Windows (, and to get a clean install I uninstalled the previous version completely before installing the new one. I exported my old preferences before doing so, and then I imported them in the new install… but I just can’t see what got saved from my old settings?

All the editor and appearance settings are back to default and I have to set them all back to what I prefer… Language was changed, and a bunch of other things. Isn’t that supposed to be saved when I export prefs? Did I do something wrong or there is something broken with this feature?

Thanks again,


PS. Except for this little inconvenience, I’m quite happy to see this new version going live. Good work!

All of the settings should have been saved, and I’m not sure why they weren’t. I just tested this now on a later build, both saving from there and from 1.5.3 and importing into the newer version, and both were mainly successful, but I did notice a weird issue with the editor font particularly–all the settings took except for the font, which wanted to stick at Courier New. However, when I tried loading the preference file again, the font updated to match the saved setting. So that’s definitely an oddity to look into, but it was the only setting I noticed that didn’t work right the first time–the other editor settings, the interface language, the corrections and backup settings, etc. all loaded fine. So it doesn’t seem quite like what you experienced, and I’m not sure then whether this was broken and mostly fixed for the newest update, or if there was something else going on on your machine. :neutral_face: Sorry for the inconvenience in any case, though I’m glad you’re liking the update otherwise!