What does HUD stand for?

What does HUD stand for? It’s in the Help manual PDF a number of places, but never defined. ?Heads-up display?

Yes, Heads-Up Display. It’s Apple’s name for those translucent black panels.

Ioa, where are you? I defined this in the tutorial thinking, “Now people will stop asking me what HUD stands for…” and you didn’t define it in the manual…?

Oh, heads will roll, you’ve got Ioa in trouble now.

I so remember putting this in a footnote somewhere. But it’s not.

Goes off to collect my head from under the desk.

But the floor was slanted and it rolled out the door where a three legged dog …

We really need the dog back.

And now we finally know the rest of the story.

Sure, heads will roll… but does anyone think about the poor person who has to mop up after such a mess? :wink:

That’s what we have David for. :slight_smile:

I think it’s actually head-up as opposed to heads-up. (Just giving you a heads-up. On that.)

If you are like me and have multiple folks looking over your shoulder, or you are like vic-k and have multiple heads, would it still be a singular? More importantly to me, what happens when my oversight committee, Mrs and Daughditor, abandon me and it is just me in my headlessness? Is it a NUP?

See how confusing this can get?


Only on aeroplanes - in GUIs it’s “heads”, for some odd reason:


Well I’ll be - so it is. I guess it must be because of Jaysen. And his committee.


The three-legged dog is hanging out with the Linux guys now. If we all grow beards, we may entice him into coming home :wink:

You`s lot, really a bunch of airheads!!
There is only one [size=150]HUD[/size]


Ah, he’s back! And I haven’t even tried to grow facial hair :smiley:

Y can share mine if y want? :smiling_imp: