What does this Icon [document with checkmark or 'x'] mean?

Does anyone know what the little paper icon with the check or “x” next to the targeting icon means?

Is this about the iOS version (where you posted it)? It sounds like you are describing something in the Mac or PC version, found in the footer bar of the text editor. If so, then that indicates whether the item you’re editing is meant to be included when compiling. It’s a way of withdrawing this section from the output—useful for notes or alternate revisions, such like that.

Click it to toggle it back and forth. A checkmark means it’ll be included.

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…intriguing little useful thing…

Maybe there needs to be a little book of tips like this??

Such would make Scrivener feel more the rich, modern app it is – and you probably already did it, @AmberV no doubt? :slight_smile:

This is great! Thank you for explaining!!