What Does Your Workspace Look Like?


I asked myself, “what application is that”, and then I read your statement: It’s Scrivener – in a layout I never thought of*, but which is ingenious!!

  • Have a look, folks: From left to right the binder, one vertical row of index cards, the text, the inspector. Great idea!

Well, it works for me… and I’m more than a little flattered that you like it! I have the active window in the center set to 150% magnification, which pretty much gives me a WYSIWYG image on the screen. The corkboard was just too ‘in my face’ with a horizontal split.
2Screen shot 2010-01-28 at 8.01.jpg

I was just thinking that…I’m new to Scrivener so I haven’t played around very much with the layout (I’ve been crazy busy planning a script) but this would make an enormous difference. Thanks for the idea, klcorridon :slight_smile:

Every now and again I get the idea to ask people to post screenshots of how they have Scrivener arranged. Shoot, I’m just grateful the responses don’t include the words ‘heresy’, ‘abomination’, or ‘What is WRONG with you?!’ :mrgreen:

I suppose y’all noticed that I didn’t put a real project on the sceen! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve already adopted it for my next project!

It’s clean for once. Thought I’d post.


What?! I don’t see your stick.

Lost it. Must stop drinking.

In vic-k’s case “it” is gone forever. That is why he took up drinking in the first place though.

I have gotten too up close and personal with Vic today, so no comment.

We all shuddered as that has unfolded. I am still looking for a strong enough bottle of brain bleach. I may be permanently damaged.

Oh come on, that was funny. I just wish he’d have shaved.

(Oh goodness. Worst thing I’ve ever typed.)

I never said it wasn’t funny. But I think everyone will admit that it is very disturbing.

Edited in favour of more edifying content: youtube.com/watch?v=oUMwu_gX … re=related

Y betta qualify that statement! Yknow what this lot are like! It`ll be all :open_mouth: :blush: Nudge Nudge :wink: :wink:

Vic-k are we free to talk about your little masterpiece?

Talk away, But I wont be posting any more. Its too long, and bits of it on their own wont make sense. Its weird enough as it is.

I thought the first rule of the lower deck was to not talk about the lower … Never mind.

Anywho, for those of you of weak mind and strong gut I can attest to the Od(d)ysey’s existence. The strong gut is needed to prevent intestinal damage. The weak mind is needed … It just helps. I think I would suggest the following to illustrate the nature of the completed work. Monty python as related by a dedicated, drunken user (as in still using as relating) of “Mary Jane”. A charming tale of karma’s revenge that is too odd to be fake but not quit right enough to happen to anyone but Vic-k. In the tale the park in question is not nearly as charming as in the picture.

Maybe we can encourage the lout to post it in a public location.

I need to remember not to post from this stupid phone.

I was going to send pictures of our workspaces, but this thread has gone so ridiculously OT that there’s no point.