What file name do I type in at the command line

I have a Linux beta copy of scrivener in my 32 ubuntu system that I do not want to lose!
I have a writing project started that I also do not want to lose!

I just upgraded the MB with a new Ryzen 5 and she booted up in Ubuntu 16 32 bit!!

I need to see what is still there and then save it before updating my complete OS to Ubuntu 20 for 64 bit.

My scrivener file system names are standard names…

  1. All I want to do and know (remember) is what file I need to call up from a command window to kick off the tool.??

Is it the scrivener.sh file???..and do I just type scrivener at the prompt were that file is (or point to it from some specific project run directory…and if so where might that be)???

Again my stuff is named standard Scrivener dir names to keep it…well standard.

I usually create my own readme files to explain to myself later (and to help others and the futureme). I am kicking myself for not doing this!

I don’t remember anything!

  1. Is there a readme doc somewhere that explains what scrivener files do what?

I need to know what files to copy over once I get a windows version of scrivener running in the new Ubuntu OS in wine.

Once I get Ubuntu updated and wine installed, I will be buying a windows version of Scrivener.

I will keep looking on the internet for help.
There just doesn’t seem to be any “good explainers” out there.

Thanks in advance.

  1. Scrivener is probably in your “Office tools” menu, in the application start menu. If not, just type “scrivener” in a terminal and it ought to start.

  2. If you mean the scrivener projects, you just copy the entire directory which the files are in, and then you get everything. You do not need to dive into the directory structure and pick out certain files; they are all part of the scrivener project.