What files precisely do I need when transferring a project between computers?


I live and work in two seperate ends of the UK, and in each location I have a separate PC setup.

I’ve only ever used Scriv at location 1, but now I want to be able to access the same project from location 2 also.

I emailed myself the .scriv file thinking that would be sufficient for me to repon the same project on a second PC, but I get a notification stating it is not the only file I need.

So I’m just wondering what precisely do I need to email myself in order to open the same project on a separate PC? Alternatively, is there a much easier way to do this such as a cloud? I’m not particularly tech-savvy so apologies if there is an obvious answer.

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The whole .scriv folder.

I can’t check as I’m not on my home PC right now but I was pretty sure the .scriv file was the only thing there, so I’m going to presume that I was looking in the wrong place perhaps?

I’m assuming you are using Windows Scriv v3.0.

All Scrivener projects are contained in a folder appended by .scriv, so MyProject.scriv.

Inside the folder is your .scrivx file, so MyProject.scrivx.

Also within the folder are a number of other folders: Files, Settings, etc.

All of these items are your Scrivener project. If any are missing, strange things will happen. Your project will break.

If you’re not going to use a cloud service like DropBox to share a project folder between PCs, the most foolproof, best practice way of sharing via email is to launch Scrivener, open your project, and select File > Backup > Backup To. This will save your project as a zipped backup. Everything that the project needs will be saved in that zipped file. And because it’s a single file, it’s easy to email.

Name that zipped file meaningfully, so you know which PC it came from and the date, etc. Email it to yourself. At the other PC, unzip it, open the project, make your changes, and when you’re done, use the same method to zip it up and email it back to yourself. Again, name it meaningfully.

Hope that helps.


There is no .scriv file, only a .scriv folder which among other things contains a .scrivx file.
The project is the whole .scriv folder with all its files and sub-folders.

Just be aware that if your project is large (contains a lot of research, etc.) even the zipped copy can quickly move you past the size of file attachment that many email providers will let you transfer. If you have the Internet connectivity, you really are best installing Dropbox (or another reliable cloud service) on your two PCs and using that to sync your changes. This gives you two advantages:

  1. You no longer have to manually save the attachment, unzip it, and figure out what to do with the previous version before you start writing. All you have to do is make sure Dropbox has fully synced all pending changes, then away you go!

  2. You don’t have to worry about the size of the project and you save bandwidth, because once the initial project sync is done, you will only be transmitting the bits that changed. Emailing the entire project back and forth is literally transmitting every bit in the project. Over time, that adds up, especially if you’re on some sort of metered connection.

Or simply out your zip-file on a memory stick and are done. The stick will travel with you, even to places with no internet connection at all :slight_smile:

Considering the OP mentioned email as a transport, I thought it was safe to assume some Internet connectivity.

@devinganger: Of course. And no objections to your post intended.