What happened here?

This was perfectly well formatted yesterday, binder and editor. Another project I worked in today was also fine. Until, WITHOUT CLOSING IT, just shifting to work in other programs, the binder went weird, as attached. Text files were fine, but the numbers across the ruler line? What are those. Then I reopened this poetry project from yesterday. Wut?

Very strange and I hope I don’t have to go file by file to fix… Even if I do, I hope someone here knows what caused this…

Judging by the size of the title of your document, you accidently (you or whatever) changed the font size in one of the options’ settings.

Thanks for responding! And in the binder too? And what are those numbers across the top?? Thx

Those numbers are the ruler.
View/text editing/ruler (Alt+Shift+R)

For some reason I can’t locate the setting responsible for the font size of either the document’s title in the editor, nor of the ruler.
Maybe it is a windows’ thing.
Hang on, someone here will surely know. (Cuz I don’t.)

Is the title of your document in the editor intended to be so big ? (Because I assume you managed to hide the ruler by now.)

What is wrong with your binder exactly ? It looks normal to me.

Meanwhile, I’d restart my computer and see.

As for the text overlapping like that, it has to be something outside of Scrivener… Something is obviously boosting the size of text entries (HUGE TITLE - too big even for the title bar -, overlapping text etc) . → I have a hunch you accidently messed up one of windows’ display settings or something.
→ Is your font being set to 17pt something you did on purpose ?

You could also save/backup your preferences in Scrivener’s options panel. Then reset the options to default and see if things go back to normal.
(Bottom/left of the options panel – “Manage” menu / save options to file.)
Then “Default”
Restart Scrivener

Thanks. I was afraid to restart, not knowing WHAT might happen next. But that did work except for the overly dramatic ruler numbers, which are still there. The issue with the binder was that it also was overlapping its lines, or at least crowding them. No, I didn’t mess with any Windows settings that I know of, but sometimes if you just mouse past somethin g… who knows. Anyway, thanks for now. Usable files opened up.

Now for the ruler : use shortcut Alt+Shift+R
Or go to view/text editing/ruler in the top menus.

As to why they are so big, I still have no clue. But at least you can hide the ruler when not in use. (Which should be pretty much all the time.)