What happened on release?

In beta form, I recommended Scrivener for Windows to people. I found it to be one of the most reliable and stable writing tools I’d ever seen, even in beta form. I’m retracting that recommendation. Since release, I have had NOTHING but trouble and lost work with Scrivener for Windows.

It’s completely unusable on my laptop, which ran all the betas flawlessly. It takes about 3-5 minutes to come up, and when it finally does, the first keypress or mouse click results in the program going into “(Not Responding)” mode until I get frustrated minutes later and kill it. I’ve tried uninstalling it and removing every trace I can find on disk or in the registry, to no avail.

On my desktop, it works fine. However, if I open the same Scrivener project on my MacBook in the OS X version of Scrivener then come back to Windows with it, Scrivener for Windows trashes the “.scrivx” file and turns it into a 0KB file. It never actually opens the project and I cannot edit it or work with it.

I turned on the backup functionality, and that doesn’t seem to be helping either. It hasn’t updated the backup in 4 days. I know I’ve hit the “Backup Now” option since then.

I have lost several hours worth of writing time on my Nanowrimo effort this year because of Scrivener, and trying to figure out some way to recover the files it’s trashed on me.

I don’t know what happened between beta and release, but for me it really ruined this software.

That’s odd. It might be worth installing the nano version of the beta until you can get this sorted.

In order to figure out the problem, I suspect the L&L guys will need a bit more info. Can you set out what operating systems and serivce packs etc you are running on all three machines as well as what versions of Scrivener you are running on all three machines? More info on how you are sharing the files between machines might be helpful too.

What pigfender said. Post those details. You may also try a complete uninstall, deleting any remaining files/folders, including the folder in users/appdata/local/scrivener and then install the latest download from the website. I didn’t have any trouble on either my laptop nor desktop, so there is something really wrong with how it installed or updated on your end.

Also did you install release version over the beta first? That might have made a difference.

I’ve experienced the same or similar problem. I uninstalled prior to installing. I’ve been using the NaNoWriMo version for the past couple weeks. The stability of Scrivener seems to have been getting worse, so maybe it has something to do with the number of documents I have now?

Today, I expanded all my folders and selected all the documents I had. I tried to select all to mass change the formatting and I couldn’t. It would only select one document (different defect). Then I clicked on one document in the binder and I started to edit it.

In the middle of editing it Scrivener crashed. I tried opening it up and editing the document again when Scrivener hung so bad that I had to do a hard shut down on my computer. When restarting my computer, I opened scrivener, and now when I try to open my project it says that it is incompatible with this version of Scrivener. This may have something to do with, as I noticed, the project.scrivx file is now 0KB.

If anyone else has similar problems, I did find a way to save some data. I took a recent back up, but it was a day or two old so it was missing some text written in some of the files.

The file data still exists in the messed up version of Scrivener, but it looks like all of the files are numbered by when they were created, so even if a document is at the end of my book, if I created it early the file name would have a low number. So instead of looking through all of those files to find the text that I was missing now in my backup, I took the project.scrivx file from my backup and put it in my screwed up project.

Now when I opened up the corrupted project it still said it was an incompatible version. Also, the project.scrivx again became 0KB.

In the Files folder there’s a version.txt file but it was empty. I checked the version.txt from my backup, copied that number (it was 16 for me) and put it in the version.txt file in my corrupted project. I copied over my project.scrivx file again and this time the project open for me. I don’t want to use the corrupted project, as I have no idea the affects of copying over the scrivx file, and with the empty version.txt, I have no idea what else is messed up in that project, but doing this at least allowed me to copy and past some data that I hadn’t backed up in the last day or two.

I think it might have something to do with the autosave? It seems, and this could just be anecdotal, but it seems to crash on or just after an autosave.

It may or may not also have something to do with bad characters in one or more of the documents. I know I wrote some of it on the Mac and copy + pasted text over and some unrecognizable characters snuck in.

Hi all,

First, please accept my sincere apologies for both the troubles you’ve been experiencing and my delay in responding here. I know this has been both frustrating and worrisome, and I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to post details and updates to help us track down this problem. To get to the good news, then, Lee has identified and fixed the bug that’s causing the .scrivx file to get wiped in these cases, so an update with that fix will be out shortly after we’ve run it through a little more testing and he’s finished off a couple other updates that will be rolled in with it.

We’re still working on the problems that a couple users have experienced with the slow startup or initial hang. If you have any other details to offer on that, including whether this happens just when Scrivener is trying to auto-load the most recent project or if you have any specs from the Task Manager running processes to add, it would all be appreciated. Information on the operating system version you’re using would also be helpful. We don’t have a lot of sample info to work with and have not been able to recreate this yet in internal testing, so we’d welcome any clue you have to offer. Meanwhile Lee is doing what he can to tweak the code in ways that might fix this, so please do let us know if you find the 1.0.3 update when it’s released resolves this issue for you.

The automatic backups are stored in a Scrivener-created folder in your AppData directory by default; if you didn’t change these settings, make sure that’s where you’re checking for the backups. (The button in the “Backup” tab of Tools > Options… will open the set backup location for you directly.) If you selected another location, have you consistently had write access there when working?–e.g. if you selected a shared network drive, if that was unavailable when you were closing Scrivener, the backup wouldn’t have been able to be be created. Keep in mind also that these backups, whether created automatically on open or close or by you choosing “Back Up Now” are separate from backups created via “Back Up To…”, which lets you choose a location and name for the backup when you create it. You may have verified all this already, but this is the first report I’ve seen on an issue of backups not being created when they’re set to, so if you could explain step by step what you’re doing and how you’re checking for the updates, that would help a lot to figure out what’s going on. If Scrivener isn’t closing properly–e.g. there’s a crash–the backup on close also isn’t going to be created properly, but it sounds like this hasn’t been the problem for you. How are your backup options set up? Also, ensure that your individual projects aren’t set to be excluded from automatic backups with a check mark beside that option in File > Back Up > Exclude from Automatic Backups.

Again, thank you guys for keeping up the reports and for your patience as we’re working through these first couple weeks of new bug reports now that Scrivener is out in the wild.

I have the NaNoWriMo version. About lists it as version 0.0.46.
I have Windows 7, Service Pack 1.