What happened to my chapter numbering?

Hey, everyone. I’ve got a 23 chapter WIP on Scrivener on iOS but I don’t understand how the program handles chapters. Right now I have a folder for every chapter, and a text file inside that chapter. When I compile the document there’s no heading for Chapter One (no Roman numeral I) but there is for chapter two, but unfortunately it’s an I for chapter one. It’s thrown off all of my chapter headings because what I have listed on my screen doesn’t match my compiled version. How do I get back to this? And should I be putting my chapters in folders or should I just be putting them as single text files in the draft folder?

Otherwise, I think Scrivener is amazing. I bought a new iPad Air and a magic keyboard and mouse for it.

Usually the chapter=folder and scene=document structure works best. Each folder should then be given the right chapter number, but the settings vary with the different Appearance with the chapter titles being included in some and not others. Each appearance can be edited. Check out the section on Compiling in the Tutorial project.

If the numbering continues to be incorrect then contact ios.support@literatureandlatte.com and include a screenshot of how your project is structured.