What happened to the linguistic focus list

The only option I see is 'Dialog Focus’
When I open that up, there is no list that would include things like Adverbs, pronouns, etc.
Where are they? I would include a screenshot but there is no option for it.

FYI though it’s not like the team doesn’t know already:
Almost all of the help menu options don’t work when you click on them.

It doesn’t work yet (maybe never for the adverbs and such) because it has to be written. The Mac version is using built-in tools, the Windows version has to be written and included. What does work is the dialog focus.

I’m not sure what you mean about the help system. That works for me very well.


First, thank you for replying. I appreciate it. :grinning:
Second, I have an author friend that is PC-based/windows, he has those word features. even showed me screenshots. So unless he got the screenshots from someplace else, I’m not sure what to say on that one. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Third, So if you click on Literature & Latte home, or scrivener home or anything in that section it works? :flushed:

All the options in the help menu work for me.

In what app, or apps? Other developers may have written it for Windows, but Literature & Latte hasn’t yet.

thanks, I’m not sure. I’ll see him in discord later today and I’ll see

There hasn’t ever been any plans to add all of this, unless Qt itself adds linguistic functions to the software. It’s one of those things that just comes along for free on the Mac that would take a huge amount of work to do on your own, particularly if it is going to handle anything other than English.

There are always going to be perks from one system or another that aren’t really feasible to do on other platforms. For example on Windows you can theme almost the entire interface, down to menus and buttons. That’s a lot harder to do on a Mac, so Mac themes are just the colours you can change in Appearance.

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