What happened to the width of the editor?

When I was using version 1.03 I had no problem with the with of the editor pane but in beta 1.055 suddenly I can’t use the whole width. There is some ugly line kind of shadow effect and I can’t write to the right of it. What has happened and how do I get all the editor area back.

it’s a feature. I thought the same thing when I opened the beta - you can make it go back to “normal” in the preferences.

Preferences -> General -> Uncheck “Fixed Width”

Or set a different fixed width in preferences, one which suits your screen and needs. On my 17" MBP (1680 x 1050) I have it set to 600, as that: (a) gives me a comfortable reading width in 14 point Optima or Chinese; (b) allows me to have a vertical split with both splits showing the full columns, together with a decent binder width and inspector pane open.