What happened with Screenshots?

In previous versions of Scrivener I was able to make screenshots, but that function seems to taken out. Or is it now somewhere else? I cannot find it.

I don’t recall it being a Scrivener feature… but here’s how to do it in Mojave (I think the same shortcut works in previous versions, but the interface/results are different).


Do you mean “Snapshots”? They’re still there, though they might be under a different menu. I have put an icon in the toolbar, but I think the keyboard shortcuts are still the same.


If that’s what you’re looking for, you can also go to the Help menu and search for “snapshot” there to reveal menu items that contain that word. Arrow down to see where in the menu it can be found.

Snapshot is to save the current state of a project, if I remember correctly. What I mean is making a screenshot within scrivener itself, not using the OSX functionality outside of scrivener.

A snapshot is for saving the state of an individual document in a project’s binder (or a selection of documents); I use that feature all the time.

If Scrivener had a function for creating its own screen shots, then there would be a menu item with “screen” somewhwere in its name. Try the Help search menu, or take a look through the manual. If that turns up nothing, then either it was removed, or it never was. Maybe it used to be under the apple symbol on the menu bar? That would have been a “system service” not controlled by Scrivener, but available while using any application.

You’re most likely going to need to learn to use the MacOS screenshot function. If you’re using Mojave, then you can put the screenshot into the copy buffer of MacOS, and then paste it into Scrivener directly.

What version of Scrivener were you running? As far as I know, there has never been a built in screenshot function.


Not to further muddy these dark waters, but “to save the current state of a project” sounds an awful lot like creating a zipped backup, which Scrivener does both automatically when you close the project and on request, via Manual Backup.

Any chance that’s what you mean?

That was in the previous versions, I made many tutorials with this function and liked using it. It was gone since I updated to the latest version.

If you’d like to reinstall a previous version, you can download it here:
literatureandlatte.com/scri … s?os=macOS

I’m pretty sure you are mistaken, though, and suspect you were actually using a third party screencast utility.


There has never been a dedicated tool for making screenshots in Scrivener, at least not on the Mac. There would be no point in having such a thing, since the Mac already has excellent facilities for doing so (especially so, now with 10.14).

Now the Windows Scratch Pad on the other hand did/does have such a thing, so maybe that is what you’re thinking of, if you used to use a PC.