What happens after Dec 12?

Hi there,

I discovered scrivener as part of doing nanowrimo. I love it. I notice that the beta version says it will only work until Dec 12. I’d like to know if after this date there is absolutely nothing for Windows users to use until they can buy a licence when it’s released?

We will be releasing new beta versions (in fact three have already been released) on a regular basis, and as this date approaches, the termination trigger will be moved. The main reason for doing this, in a beta, is to ensure that you don’t have people using ancient versions and reporting old bugs over and over—it’s not to restrict you in the slightest—though if you anticipate that you will be on the road or something around that time, and unable to update, make sure to get the latest beta before you leave, and prepare for a little downtime until you get acquire a new version. Personal exceptions like this aside, we won’t be leaving the world without a functioning beta, even if it means just putting out an update with nothing more than a new deadline.

Excellent! Thank you so much.

Oh, and I love scrivener, too :smiley:

I’ve bought Writer’s Blocks before, but found it very unwieldy and gave up on using it. I also tried Ywriter but found it was just too unlike a word processor. Scrivener hits the spot!