What happens if....

…you inadvertently leave open a project on say a laptop, MacBook Pro, close the lid with it open (synced of course). Then you work on the same project in iOS, sync it, close it. Then open the laptop back up to the open project? Will it be enough to just click ‘sync’ or does the project really have to be closed. I ask this because OSX always opens the apps that were open when the Mac was closed down, or resumes if the lid is lifted again. I am really, really keen to avoid a distaster even if it means I have to change my bad habits.

(Assuming that you have the project file in Dropbox): If the project is saved and synced, it is safe to work in iOS Scrivener (after synchronizing it as well, of course). The desktop project can stay open, the Mobile Sync button is enough. If you forget to sync before switching the machines and continue working on the same piece of text, then you will run into conflicts and will have to resolve (which is easy enough, thanks to the quality of the apps)

This situation is exactly why the Mobile Sync command exists. If you had shut down Scrivener and/or the laptop completely, then you wouldn’t even need that, as it would automatically pick up the changes when it re-opened the project.


Yes, thank you. I thought that was how it would work. I am quite new to Scrivener and I havent even used the iOS version yet which sits on my new iPad. Just throwing it out there! Thank you again. You’ve put my mind at rest.

Absolutely! I’m just an dreadful, older newbie feeling his way before I jump in with the iOS version. Thank you for your response.