What happens to the beta version when I get the 3.0 one?

I mean, will the beta “become” the regular one?
Should I have to uninstall the beta?

It will become inactive once it hits its deactivation date (in this case for RC1 or Beta 21; 15 Sept 2019. Not sure if you will be given the option to upgrade once the final is released through the update feature or if current owners of 1.9 (for Win) will have the update from there as well since it’s our official version.

The beta won’t transform into the release version because it has no registration capability.

The beta will expire on whatever the pre-planned expiration date is.

The release version will become downloadable via our downloads page.

You’ll be asked to purchase a license once the trial period has expired. The store will be able to tell via your email address whether you’re entitled to a free or discounted upgrade.

The official release announcement, when it happens, will spell all of this out.