What happens when Beta 029 expires in 2 days time


I have been using the Windows Beta release on XP for the last couple of months and I am very happy with it. I will definitely buy the release version when it comes out. But the beta says it will expire on the 30th September 2011. What happens between then and the release version.



A new beta should be released in the next few days with a new expiration date. Betas will continue to be released until 1.0 is released.

And what exactly happens on Sept. 30th? Oct. 1st?

Do I download the new beta and hope for the best? What happens to the old beta? Is this like updating Windows or Adobe or Firefox? I’m guessing that all will go well, but reassure me, please.

I am loving the way I can organize my book and see exactly where I am. I don’t want to lose anything.

Thank you, lord and lady geniuses.

The only time I had a problem with an update was when I didn’t read the directions. It was within the first day or two, and Lee only released the new .exe file, not the whole package. I tried to run it outside of the Scrivener folder (so I didn’t replace the exe with the new one), and it didn’t work. :blush: But that was due to my error, not the progam’s.

When the new betas come, if you could install Scrivener the first time, you’ll be able to install the betas. Be sure to do a clean install (uninstall the old, install the new). You shouldn’t have to do a clean install, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious with a beta product.

This time around we will ask everyone to uninstall the current beta before installing the new one, due to some deep changes in the code. That just means you’ll need to run the uninstall.exe from the Scrivener directory (or go into your Programs & Features section of the Control Panel and choose to uninstall Scrivener from there) before you run the new installer. None of your projects will be touched in the process, although it’s a good idea to back everything up beforehand (you should be backing up regularly anyway!), and you may also want to save your preference settings by using the “Manage” button in the Tools>Options panel. (Never hurts to just have this around anyway in case you need to reload your customized settings, especially if you’ve put a lot of time into tweaking everything just so.) After you’ve installed the new version, you can carry on working as before–only greatly impressed, of course, at all the fine improvements Lee has made. :wink:

I’ve been using Scrivener since the spring and now, working on my second novel, I love this program. Just got the new Beta this morning, uninstalled the old version, reinstalled this one, and so far it works wonderfully.

One of the earlier versions would freeze all the time, but none of that happens now… :slight_smile:

Thank you for a great, and very logical, writing tool!

Are there plans to release a beta prior to November? I’m attempting NaNoWriMo for the first time this year and finally found something that lets me work how I want with Scrivener. However, I don’t want to have to uninstall and reinstall after starting my Novel. I’ve worked enough in computers to see how easily things go wrong. :slight_smile:

Nope, no plans to release a beta before November, sorry. We are however planning to release 1.0 on Oct 31st and a special NaNoWriMo trial version that will be good through Dec 7th (instead of the usual 30 days of use). :slight_smile: The current beta will go through Nov 7th, which will give you a week of overlap to make sure you get everything up and running with the new version, but it should be an easy update and your project will open as normal in 1.0, so feel free to start work on plotting now (unless you’re a panster) and then switch over to the new version when it comes out.

[size=200]W00T!!![/size] :smiley:

I saw that NaNoWriMo version and wasn’t sure if it was going to be both Mac and Win or just Mac. Very cool. I’m ready to pay for it now. I haven’t been hard core into writing, just dabbling here and there. This is the first tool that doesn’t feel like a chore to use, yet keeps me organized. As a programmer myself, I really like the elegance of having features, but never being bombarded with them. Great UI design.