What has happened to the Video Tutorials?

There used to be a number of excellent tutorial video’s on this site but I cannot find them anymore, are they still available or have they been superceded by another set of video’s?

I am trying to get my daughter to use Scrivener which for me is the best writing software available but I recommended she watches the video’s before committing, so please say they are still available.





Briar Kit

There is also a written tutorial in the Help menu, “Interactive Tutorial”.

If you’re on a Mac and the linked videos don’t work for you, is this your issue?


Alternatively, Scrivener videos are also available at YT here : youtube.com/user/davidmj13/videos

Thanks to all who replied to my request for info. I have not been on the lit & lat site for quite a while and could not find the videos in the menus so I was getting woried that they had been removed. But now, thanks to all your efforts, I can get my daughter set to to try it and hopefully become a new Scrivenite.