What have I done?

All of a sudden, there appears under my Trash about 20 Folders which are the same titles of some of my Folders in Draft, but they have nothing in them. Does anyone know how they got there, why they’re empty, and if it’s okay for me to “empty the Trash”?

They should be in the Trash only via actions on your part.

  1. You selected a folder and hit Delete.
  2. You dragged a folder to the Trash.
  3. Same titles: perhaps you duplicated folders and then trashed them?
    (I think we discussed that a while back)

At any rate, if they are empty there’s no problem in emptying the Trash.

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Ummmmmm…if I highlight a Folder in Draft and hit ‘delete’, does that put it in the trash? What’s wrong with my brain! This is worrisome.

Yes, a Delete sends a folder or a document to the Trash.
But it stays there until you use the command File: Empty Trash.
Tip: keep the Trash triangle pointing down.
That way, you’ll see the files that are placed there.

Your System Trash in OS X works in a similar way:
Command-Delete sends a selected folder/file to Trash.
Finder: Empty Trash completes the job.
Only difference is that you get a warning on the Empty Trash order.

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