What have you done for me lately? :roll:

Dear Keith et al

I really am delighted that the IOS version is appearing! I’ll snap it up as fast as the server allows (though from you guys, not from the app store—we can get it from Lit&Lat, yes?)

In some comments on the IOS version, there were hints of an updated Mac OS version. If the date for that is soon (and believe me, if you guys are off to some island to destroy your livers and work on your sunburn, you’ve deserved it), I’d like to use that as a date to plan for a new MBP (the institution that issues Macs requires notice).

So, without pressing, any notion of when the next major update will occur? I know you don’t do pre-announces, but I suppose I’m asking if the MacOS version update is now on the front burner?

Again, thanks and kudos for the IOS version. The pre-reviews have been laudatory. No surprise.
Kevin (not Keith)

Elsewhere on the board, Keith gave a description with several features of 2.8… which will appear before ios, sometime before the 20th. It’s all ready to go.

Edit: To be clear, he has said 2.8 will appear this week. But on this thread, he gave some details of an upcoming version, not specified to be 2.8. https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/hows-it-looking-for-beyond-2-7/33490/1

Hi Kevin,

Actually, the iOS version will only be available through Apple - it’s impossible to see iOS apps outside of the Apple App Store.

As for the next major macOS version - we don’t have any official news to share on that yet. It’s possible I’m putting the finishing touches on it now, but I wouldn’t like to say that for definite. :slight_smile: We’ll have definite, official news later in the year, though. It’s impossible to make any estimates without knowing how much the iOS release will interrupt everything (and my estimates have always got me into trouble in the past anyway!). What I will say is that the next major version has been over three years in the making and that 2.x is an eyesore in comparison. :slight_smile:

All the best,

P.S. Oh, and before a Windows user jumps in with, “Argh, what about Windows?”: Yes, a major Windows update is in the works too!

Thank you both for the helpful, optimistic, encouraging replies. It must be gratifying to see all this coming together at last!