What is a Ghost Note Mode?

What is a Ghost Note Mode? Tried Help but was unable to find anything. However I observed that if I chose “Ghost Note Editing” my annotations and footnotes were diluted. Is that all that’s to it or is there more?

Pretty much. It is a way to diminish the presence of notes and allow easier proofing of the source text. There are a few tricks, like that label separator setting. If you have an annotation that reads, “Test: blah blah,” then in Ghost mode the “Test” part will remain fully visible. This way, you can treat it like a label.

It probably would not be a terribly useful feature to somebody that uses a short note every 2,000 words or so, but for people that have extensive notation riddled throughout the document, it can make reading the document much easier!

Note that it’s only available in 1.1 - or the 1.08 beta from the Beta Testing forum. And yes, that’s all it is - your annotations and footnotes look like “ghosts”. :slight_smile: