What is an Avatar Image?


How does one add an image that appears with your name when you post? Does this image have to be an avatar? What is an avatar image? Can one use other images? :neutral_face:

Link off-site:
Enter the URL of the location containing the avatar image you wish to link to. Is this the address in the top part of the screen?

I imagine all know this but I don’t , yet. :blush:

Thank you



Hi Ailing13

To add an avatar image go to the control panel and there click on Profile tab, and there on “Edit Avatar”.

Mine is “Linked off site”. I don’t remember if this forum is set to allow them to be simply uploaded from your computer.

The original intention of these images was to give people an opportunity to upload a picture of themselves. Nobody ever does that they just upload some pic they think is humorous or which they rather like for some reason :slight_smile:

I think that at the forum the image must be no larger than 80 x 80 pixels. I guess that a .jpg will be an acceptable format for the file.

Believe it or not that is me -->

Aisling, oDream of Erin,twould appear, :unamused: the goodly Patrick, bes fretful of your well-being. Shall we ease his heart with affirmations of your finenessofettle, and rudeness o`health?
Dream on beguiling one :wink:

I’ve just realised I did not answer Aisling13’s question very well :neutral_face:

I didn’t read it properly.

To link off-site you put a URL to an image you have on some other server.

The URL is the address at the top part of the screen when the image is being displayed in the browser.

If you put the image on a server. The show the image in a browser on its own, then the address at the top of the browser is the URL to that image.

I hope that is better than before :smiley:

I understand it! So, to quote Nigella, “If I can…anybody can!” :smiley:
Take care

Thank you all for the fetching fun here and for helping me to fetch a fetching Avatar.

Avatar is a very strange name to describe any bloody image at all? Isn’t it?

The Goddesses and Gods may be muse ing on this.

I wished to upload one of my Poe pictures as an ersatz avatar but it is in I photo and didn’t seem to have any particular address it was in the mood to give me.

Ah well…I’m off to see Slumdog Millionaire.

I"ll re turn to the Avatar Adventure soon.


The URL you specified is invalid.

I received the sentence above when I copy and pasted the URL to a page in one of my blogs with a photo on it.

ah well

Is i true that first there is an image and only then do we find words to describe it?


Beguiling one,
try using this: lib.udel.edu/ud/spec/exhibits/text/poe89.jpg
See what happens. :confused: This particular URL, is specific to this particular image…I think :open_mouth:

It`s from: lib.udel.edu/ud/spec/exhibits/text/poe.htm

Aisling, I think the problem is that, if I read you rightly, you posted the URL for the page in your blog, whereas for the avatar you need the URL of the image that appears on that page rather than the page itself. The image will have its own URL which is called by a link in the coding of the page. You should be able to find it … or if you send the URL of the page in question, one of the technically savvy people here will be able to sort you out.

Happy New Year when it comes!


The submitted avatar is 528 pixels wide and 420 pixels high. Avatars must be at least 20 pixels wide and 20 pixels high, but no larger than 80 pixels wide and 80 pixels high.


Thank you all for trying to gift me with an Avatar.

I tried the spooky cool raven image and the url. I received the above sentence. I’m not sure how to make an image a particular size. Good Goddess, I realize this is not fabulous news.

I think my own Poe Photos live only in I-Photo. That must not be true. Where they do live is a mystery to me. It might be wise to return to learning how to let the gift of Scrivener help my novels to exquisitely amusingly unfold.

I will try a few more images from cool Poe site. I actually took Poe to Scotland and we took photos together. This is a long story and not entirely true.

Does URL mean unknowable reluctant legerdemain?


aislingnano.wordpress.com/2008/1 … haracters/

I was searching through my blog and other than an astronomy photo of the day with two black holes dancing I found these cool goth girls. The link above takes you, I think, to the goth girls. Could one of them be my avatar. I’d want her without the label, jut the kooky wee one.

How to get her from there to here is a mystery.
Maybe no thing is to be my Avatar.

Hope today has lots of lovely bits.


No, worries! We’ll get you there :slight_smile:

When you see the image you want, try right-clicking it and select ‘open image in new tab’ (or window). You’ll see the image and just the image. The address bar now has the exact link to the image.

Select all the text in de addressbar (this btw is the URL of the image, URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, in normal english, the address of something, somewhat like your postal address). Paste this into the box where you pasted before and received the error about it being to large.

Does this help?


ps. The image you want to use may fall under certain copyright which may means you can’t use it as your avatar. You should figure this out first. To avoid problems, I always use an image I made myself.

Does this help?


ps. The image you want to use may fall under certain copyright which may means you can’t use it as your avatar. You should figure this out first. To avoid problems, I always use an image I made myself.


Yes, this does help. I’m rather certain that these goth girls are under copyright and will not work.

I’d rather use an image I made myself. Thank you and I will muse on this in a bit. Today I’m gong to write as much as I bloody can. I would so much rather have an Avatar I conjured or that conjured me.

I’ll continue learning how Scrivener and my Novel combine resources and await the epiphany of what Avatar will magically appear in the spaciousness to the right of a name.(wry grin).



email me the photo you want or a link to the photo.


I can resize it for you (80x80) and send it back to you and give step by step instructions on how to upload it.


Aisling, OBelle Vision de Séduction, Give the winged guano faced wassack, Wock, your email address, and youll definitely get the avatar you want. You`ll also be inundated with mountains of crank emails.
Take care


Thank you and I will. I’ve been unable to get online and am now in a spooky library.
I will find an image soon and send it.

Thanks so much.


Sending now and Thank you!


My online connection is ghastly and wayward right now. I am in a scary subway hostile hostel wayfarers kind of library using ether net, avatarless, or just seemingly so.

I’ll trust that Poe will find his way to you. His photos are one of my secret treasures.

Thank you and just wanted to make sure the photos didn’t get lost in the in between spaces.


You should have an email from me with the directions to link your avatar.