What is an Avatar Image?

Thanks so much!

It is my birthday today and I am so happy to be accompanied by an image.

Long sigh of relief over here.

Your help is deeply appreciated. I did not receive the first e-mail. Thank you all!

Many blessings

Aisling and Poe

Congrats and Happy Birthday!

Breithlá shona duit!, O Beguiling one. Fáilte ó chroí, Poe
Suspiciendo despicio.

Thank you Wock !



Fáilte ó chroí, Poe
Suspiciendo despicio.

what does this mean?

Does it mean the Fluitist of chronology
is suspended despite all?

I wish I spoke French…some day…I will

Slainte - cheers in Gaelic

Aislilng and Poe

or maybe it means…

failing the chronicles of Poe

Or it means “vic-k is at it again”.

I think this translates to

“Bark-bark-growl-grrr-bark-bark- rut ro - YELP!”

not bad for a birdbrain.

Fáilte ó chroí, Poe, means, “Hearty Welcome Poe!”
Tis Gaelic, Fair vision, but one of three versions of the greeting I didst unearthed

“Happy Birthday Aisling” seems somehow lacking, when addressed to an Enchantress. Especialy one who weaves words into language as lyrical and mystical to our ears, as the sight of the Milkyway, that sucks the breath from our lungs, is to our eyes. We look up at the Cosmos, and we gaze into our past, to before we were born…indeed, aeons past.

So! To enhance the lackluster, “Happy Birthday”, I turned to your beloved Astrology, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tycho_Brahe used a similar phrase to summarize his studies in astrology: suspiciendo despicio, “by looking up I see downward”
Indeed tis true. We look up at that sky and our blood, 'White waters’, through our arteries, then we look to the sod and to each other, and our passion; our lust, knows no bounds…for in truth, why should it. So, fair Vision, see how our fate is bound inextricably with the stars.

Suspiciendo despicio.

Aisling13 wrote:
and Vik Fáilte ó chroí, Poe what does this mean?
Fáilte ó chroí, Poe, means, “Hearty Welcome Poe!”
Tis Gaelic, Fair vision, but one of three versions of the greeting I didst unearthed

A Gaelic Greeting for my Solar Return is profoundly auspicious.
Thank you translated into Gaelic …thrice…I feel honored.

suspiendo despicio - Fecund and a Renaissance Ry Cooder Medly rambles through the black hills, beautifully wild.

Thy palpable words trace sigils through the mysterium magnum as they constellate a welcome into the next spiral cycle galaxy of myriad musings and magick.

I’m at the Mac Store as my internet connection is moody these daze.


I am studying the humans to more clearly write about non-verbal communication.

Slainte - Skol

“Tis to create and in creating life a being more intense that we endow with what form we fancy, gaining as we give the life we image.” I memorized this line by Byron awaiting a very late train on a darkling day in Sweden.

Happy Un birthday Aisling

An intelligent multi lingual three legged pirate dog who’s alter ego is one of a lording cat with long nails and quick wit who loves to drink absinth, look at the starts in awe, and who’s bark sometimes sounds like a purr.

Sounds like y got a real weirdo there Pidg! Id steer well clear of him if I were you! :open_mouth:
Nice picture though.