What is CCAttributionShareAlike.xmp all about?

Dear all
I am finally getting MMD to work. Thus far, I am playing around with the MMD sample file from fletcher’s website. The only difficulty I am not able to work out is that upon typesetting the LaTeX file using Textmate this error message pops up.

Latex Error: ./zzz.tex:70 Package xmpincl Error: The file CCAttributionShareAlike.xmp was not found.

The pdf itself looks fine to me, though. Do I need this CCAttributionShareAlike.xmp at all and what is it supposed to be doing?

Another odd thing is that on my Leopard machine the pdf contains working links, whereas the Tiger machine produces a pdf that looks identical but has no hyperlinks.

Anybody able to help me out here?


XMP is a standard for metadata by Adobe that can be stored in media files like PDF. CCblabla.xmp is a file with licensing information in that format. If you don’t intend to put your PDF file under a Creative Commons license you could simply uncomment the xmpincl package in your LaTeX file and the error should disappear.

Ah, I see, thanks for the clarification.

Any idea why the same procedure might produce an identical loking pdf but without links on my second computer (running Tiger if that matters)?


hmmm… hyperlinks created with pdftex and hyperref should normally work out of the box. Can you rule out that this has nothing to do with Leopard’s or Tiger’s support for PDF? Try opening the PDF from Leopard on the Tiger machine and vice versa. If the problem persists, check the LaTeX files. Are they both identical? Is the TeX engine (pdftex, xdvipdfmx, xdv2pdf, etc.) called by Textmate the same on both Macs? Are you using identical versions of hyperref.sty and related packages? Is there a hyperref.cfg file interfering… :unamused:

Hmm, this is getting stranger every time I try it. After much testing, this is what I can up with after running this on three different Macs:
A) Intel iMac running Leopard
B) Intel MacBook running Tiger
C) G4 Powerbook running Tiger
Setting the pdf was carried out using Textmate and TeXShop, respectively. The only modification I made out was deleting the CCAtributionShareAlike.xmp reference in the LaTeX file otherwise TeXXhop would exit with an error.

A and B produce good looking pdfs with working hyperlinks. The only difference between Textmate and TeXshop was that only the former produced working backlinks, namely, the two references on the last page contain working links back to the pages that reference them. TeXShop does not do this.

C produces almost identical looking pdfs but no hyperlinks. :open_mouth: :question:
It is definitely the typesetting step because I can transfer the LaTeX file to my iMac running Leo and produce pdfs WITH working hyperlinks. Unfortunately, with all these computers being institute property, I cannot just go ahead and buy and install Leopard. Any idea where I should look next?