What Is File Location for Note Styles?

What is the file location of user created note styles? I looked in ~User/Library/Application Support but all I found were files with the extension .state. I also clicked on the app (in backup) and did a “Show Package Contents” but no luck.

I created multiple Note Styles and I also created keyboard shortcuts for them. However, I had to reinstall Scapple and want to know where I can find my old note style via a Time Machine back-up to restore rather than recreating them.

Thanks much.

Styles are saved into each individual Scapple board, not anywhere in the software. So it may be you set up the defaults from a board (overriding the built-in samples when you create a new board). If that is the case, just load up any board that has all of the styles you want and use the Set From Current Document button in the General preference pane. That should have been retained through a reinstall, as should have been the shortcuts, but if you wiped the Scapple .plist preference file that would explain why they both got lost.

That could be the file you want to restore from Time Machine, “com.literatureandlatte.scapple.plist”, unless you had to remove it to resolve a bug in the first place.

It worked! Thanks much!