what is "ghost mode"?

I can’t find “ghost notes mode” in the tutorial or the help file, and the search mechanism is broken on this forum (I get a debug message and then a string of symbols when I try to search). I can’t figure out what “ghost notes mode” does. It doesn’t appear to do anything. What is it supposed to do?



This function will fade the brightness of inline annotations. So you need annotations to see what it does. Press Cmd-Shift-A, type some text, and then move the cursor out of the annotation you just made. If you are in ghost mode, you should see it turn nearly white. This increases readability of the base text, while still alerting you to the fact that there is a note there.

If I search for “ghost notes mode” in the Scrivener Help file, it comes up right away. See The Text Menu or Typography Preferences. Essentially, it fades out annotations and footnotes when they do not have the focus.

I don’t get anything when I search the Scrivener help file for “ghost notes mode”. We’re talking about the same file, aren’t we? Open “Scrivener”, go into the “Help” menu, click on “Scrivener Help”, a window opens up, and I type “ghost notes mode” into the search window in the top right corner, and this is what I get:

I’m running the latest version of Scrivener according to the updater (1.055b).

I get the same thing if I type in “ghost”. “Notes” and “mode” both find pages with things on them though.

Do I perhaps have a defective help file? Where can I get a new one?

Thanks, LB

1.055 is an early beta. Because betas are unofficial versions that are for testing purposes only (though usually very stable), the updater is not guaranteed to work and the Help file is out of date until the final betas. Scrivener is now at 1.10, soon to become 1.11. Please download 1.10 from the main product page.
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One odd thing - I did check for updates with Scrivener 1.055b, and it assured me that I had the very latest version. Very likely this is a bug that was fixed in the later versions though.

Thanks - I’ll download. Tiny bug report: when I did the ‘check for updates’ through Scrivener 1.055b it assured me that I already had the very latest version. I expect that bug has been fixed in later versions though.

The other thing was that I’ve had to try several times to post this - when I hit “submit”, or indeed when I hit “post reply” I have got the following message several times:

As I already explained in my previous post (where I said “the updater is not guaranteed to work” in beta versions), this is not a bug but a result of using an unsupported beta. Beta version numbers - 1.055 etc - do not work well with the automatic updater. Official versions use 1.0x, 1.1x etc with no third number, which works fine with the updater. This is a problem with Sparkle framework (the automatic updater). This is the sort of thing you should expect when using a beta.

As for the website error - yes, I know about this. The site only allows limited traffic. I have actually paid up for a dedicated server that will fix this, but I just haven’t had time to move the whole site over to it yet. Annoying for you and other users, I know, but even more annoying for me - I’ve been paying lots of money for it for the past three months and haven’t used it yet!

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Sorry, I read too fast, or rather didn’t read, before responding.

I will join you in looking forward to the spiffy new server.