What is it, about `Portlanders`?

Gleaned from Oliver Burkeman`s, Guardian ‘deadline USA’, blog. second paragraph.

The basics.
The polls in western Kentucky close at 7pm eastern time; the polls in eastern Kentucky closed at 6. The polls in Oregon don’t close until 11pm eastern, mainly because 85% of the state’s population is a member of a Portland-based indie band that was up really late at a gig last night and didn’t get up till midday.

Do you think Ollie is a lurking Scrivy? :open_mouth:

Then again: what does this say about them?
commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/sas … ative.html

So true … this is why we have such strong coffee here in Stumptown. And also why we were the first state to adopt an all-mail-in ballot system. Indie rock plus civic responsibility, that’s us.

That and 75,000 people who show up for a Barack Obama rally, and remain smiling happily the whole time. What a great group! And the best food around. I say that after spending three weeks in Vienna, which was lovely, but I missed the tea houses and the FOOD!!!

I thought it was the beer and the women who took off their under clothes and threw them your way if you were in an indie band and caught riding a scooter during the day

Wow, must have missed all that about throwing undergarments and indie bands. Of course, I don’t drink beer, so it could be that.

Absolute sacrilege. :imp: Though it does take some moxie for a Portlander to admit to being a non-beer drinker. Next you’ll be telling us that you never stroll the Pearl District, never nip under the bridge with out-of-town relatives for a go at the arts and crafts booths, actually use one the bike boxes at intersections, and never moon Vancouverites :smiley:

Don’t ask me, I live in Eugene! :stuck_out_tongue:

This could get bloody! Jerrrrp obviously doesnt know that [i]moxie[/i] ,is, Alexandria, and she doesnt do Mercy,or take prisoners. :open_mouth:

I have it on good authority that she eschews coffee for tea, as well. Sacrilege!

Sacrilege or no, I hate beer. And I’m proud to say it. I used to force myself to drink it so others would accept me. Now I don’t care and freely admit to hating the stuff. I have no judgments about those who like it, however, nor those who throw their underwear. Just not my cup of tea. Yes, tea, now THAT I love.

Love strolling the Pearl, like the booths, don’t ride a bike (too much cool temps and rain, gives me bronchitis), and have never remotely considering mooning anyone in the past 15 years or more (not that I would be ashamed to do so!). 8)


Yeaahhh Mamma!!!

Keep goin`I canny see any blood yet :smiling_imp:

Dont forget: The pulp y beat him into, is good for wiping the floor with :wink: !!

Now there`s a thing! Why are there no mooning emoticons? :confused:

Add me to the list of Portlanders who don’t drink beer. I had an unfortunate incident with far too many cans of beer the last night of my Freshman year at Oregon State and even though it’s 25+ years later, the smell of beer still sets my stomach to roiling.

I do ride a bike, but it’s the motorized kind. I do ride it year round though.

I also love Downtown. It’s a fabulous place to be especially on warm summer evenings when you can sit in the park and watch the Willamette.

As to coffee, I love the stuff.

My brother-in-law has a Harley. I used to have a little Honda 175 (? it was a long time ago, can’t remember exactly) that people with ‘real’ bikes used to make fun of. But it got me around. Until a limo pulled in front of me and totaled it. Last of the motorcycle riding for me.

Downtown Portland is very lovely. We love being there in the summer as well. Among our favorite summer hangouts: restaurants on and around the Willamette on the Riverfront. Love the park as well. My husband is the coffee lover, another taste I could never cultivate. I love the smell of roasted coffee though.

I love downtown portland so much that I live there! looking at the art museum as I type this. but more pertinent for this discussion is the city’s extraordinary literary culture – readings, lectures, and of course bookstores galore. (One theory is that the rain keeps us inside reading and writing.) maybe we need a portland scriveners t-shirt. or coffee / beer mug. Alexandria can use hers for tea.
I confess that I actually drink more tea (often at the classical chinese garden downtown) than coffee or beer, but quaff enough of the latter pair to maintain my portland citizenship privileges. And yes, I ride a bike (muscle-powered, non-global warming) everywhere. Books, bikes, beers … that’s what it is about “Portlanders.”

Yeah, so it would appear. :wink: :smiley:
Take care
PS But what about mooning emoticons/smilies :question:

Yes, and for those who don’t know, Brett and I met there for tea a while back, and he’s a wonderful guy and a true Portlander. I still think we should have a Portland Scriveners’ get together. This is definitely a biking city. Both kinds, but especially, I think, the non-motorized kind. Most of the younger people I know don’t even own cars.

Ah HA!
I think Portland is Area 52.

Has to be.

PS: It is ok to not like beer. Nothing wrong with that I know many a lady who prefer a wee taste of wine every so often.

The underwear throwing was actually a comment from another thread a ways back when portland was mentioned (again :slight_smile: )

All that bike riding and late drinking and conspiring that is infamous for portland is legendary :stuck_out_tongue:

You are all mad scientists on bikes armed with a coffee I cannot pronounce and an intellect I cannot compete with much less comprehend.

But Portlanders are loved and are appreciated, especially on this forum. Legendary I might add.

Has to Area 52

Has to be…


[size=150]WOT!! :open_mouth: [/size]
[size=50]Somebody find the sodding falcon, the pigeon`s gone too far this time!![/size]

Area 52 fits us nicely, I think. Our motto is “keep Portland weird,” and I must say we do a wonderful job of it. :smiley:

Actually, the only alcohol I could actually ingest (love wine but it gives me migraines) is Tequila. Straight. I don’t drink that any more either, but I used to in my younger days along with…some other substances that are less legal. Now it’s tea (I’ve recently gone back to drinking more black tea, how brazen of me!) and yoga and the worst thing I do to my body is occasionally eat things like popcorn which I’m allergic to (I have burning, itchy eyes from the popcorn I ate yesterday, which is why I mention it).

There is a whole subculture of tea drinkers here in Portland, btw. Sure there are the beer and coffee drinkers that are part of the Portland legend. But it’s also one of the few cities in the Western world with multiple and very successful tea houses. My new favorite tea: Rose Petal Black tea from the Tao of Tea. OMG, it’s heaven on earth.

Though I’d LOVE to be able to share a good bottle of wine with the hubbie on occasion.


I know, I know, vic-k, you are the real legend around here. 8)

That alter fellow of yours, Le D., would fit in well with Portland, btw. Except that the Goth period is largely over, but it was big here for a while. Lots of folks walking about with black clothes, pale makeup, black hair and nails. I’m sure he’d have felt quite at home. :wink: