What is it, about `Portlanders`?

…sorry I started this thread…its gerrin worsen ‘Psycho’ :frowning:

I used to roadie for a band composed of friends of mine (back before the hair went gray) and the guitar player taught me that ‘if you can drink tequila straight, you can drink it ANYWHERE’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Before Stevie Ray Vaughn was famous we used to go out back of the club in Houston with him and pass the cuervo around… 8)

I hereby proclaim Eugene to be Area 52.e

Eugene is a lot of fun. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time down there since New Years (every other weekend in fact).

Eugene even has an excellent band called Mood Area 52.

That’s right - I’d forgotten! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only been living here since January, so I’m still learning…


how can you regret getting them to admit the true nature of portlanderism?

We have tea-drinking-totlers, ex-groupie-wana’bees, motorcycle-gang members, and a guano headed pigeon showing his intellectual prowess. Get out a notebook and keep tabs. Le’D will find the info useful for later use.

Here is the question I have… with all this “activity” it seems to me that they may be too busy to actually write. Is it possible that they are hiring ghost writers to do the actual work?

Just a baseless accusation. hopefully no one has the scrivener scrivener on retainer.

Now Jaysen, you know it is quite possible to drink tea, or Tequila for that matter, while writing. In fact, it could be argued, that the latter could quite possible improve one’s writing. There are many writers that would stand by that statement.

No me, of course. These days, give me a shot of Tequila and the room would spin and I’d eventually fall down. Not good for writing.

Not at all, dear Vic. I’m grateful to you for allowing us Portlanders to share the limelight with you. And to show to the world our unique diversity and inclusivity, as Jaysen pointed out so well (that we are a bunch of tea-drinking-totlers, ex-groupie-wana’bees, motorcycle-gang members, and a guano headed pigeon showing his intellectual prowess…). Now THAT’s diversity! 8)


Alex Mon Amour,
You know me so well, my little mooning Honda Babe :smiling_imp:

This occurred to vic-k not many moments ago, but he`s too much of a gentleman to do anything about it.
I, on the other hand…
The young lady below, is Hogwarts ‘Moaning Myrtle’ Vic-k thinks you would qualify as, Portlands, ‘Mooning Myrtle’ :laughing:
Take care Chérie

Le D :smiling_imp:

To answer Jaysen’s question.

I multi-task.


And sometimes I write.

Ah, there you go again, LD. Good to see you are still lurking about. But I’ve never mooned anyone in my entire life, and I don’t wear glasses, nor do I dive head first into toilets, so I hardly see how the moniker would apply to me. But I’m quite impressed at the little picture you managed to find of Moaning Myrtle. Very clever. 8)

Correct me, Chérie, mon amour, but did you not say, in open forum, that:

My love, why tauntest thou me, in this way, Grrrrrrr!! :smiling_imp: Is this not a moonfull youth you refer to.

Le D :smiling_imp:

Ah, yes, I understand the confusion. I said I had not ‘considered’ mooning anyone in the past 15 years. That I may have considered it before that doesn’t mean I had actually ‘done’ it. Which I haven’t. But I was in a car once when someone did do it. We were quite young and pretty loaded and it was extremely funny at the time. Definitely something that seems less funny and more silly as one gets older.

ahh the innocent indiscretions of yore:

Le D :smiling_imp:

Hahaha!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Those were the days, indeed. Wonderful!

…thought y` might like that one :laughing: