What is 'multi markdown' ?


Sorry i don’t understand what it is -
Could someone link me to an explnation or explain ?

with reference to

Scrivener > file menu > multimarkdown settings


twzz :unamused:

Hi twinkerzzz,

It is a way of making your ordinary text look like it was produced as a book.

If you enter the term ‘multimarkdown’ in the search panel it will reveal many exciting possibilities and a host of explanations.

Search is just above your post. Near your profile. At the top of this page.


If you’ve never heard of it, changes are you won’t ever need it and can just ignore it entirely. It’s for those who like to export to LaTeX etc.

Please do refer to the Help files which have a section on MultiMarkdown.


Or, like most things, just google “multimarkdown” and you will find enough to tell you whether it’s useful for you or not.

The actual MMD homepage is:



like it says on the box - & hey presto …
thanks for all the quick responses - looks like markdown is complicatee

  • funny because scrivener is so uncomplicated and avoids anything too techie - scary where as to a neewb like me multimarkdown looks like cantonese
    ill check it out in time

twzzz :wink:

Actually, I would rephrase this to something along the lines of “If you read about it and it totally doesn’t make sense, chances are you won’t ever need it.” Obviously, if you’ve never heard of it you don’t know if you need it or not. But you will know pretty quickly whether it’s something you’ve been looking for…

MMD, and the idea of structured plain text documents seems to be something you either get or you don’t. If you get it, you can’t imagine doing things any other way. If you don’t get it, it does seem like “Cantonese.” (Well, for people who don’t speak Cantonese anyway…)

But I do agree that Scrivener is fantastic without MMD, but for a small subset of users the MMD support is what really sets it apart from other applications.

Yes, sorry, I realise I phrased that badly. :slight_smile: What I meant to say was that, MMD provides a subset of users with a way of generating structured text such as LaTeX and XHTML. Most Scrivener users - those coming from Word and other word processors for instance will probably not want to use it as all they will want to do is write in rich text. As the developer of Scrivener, I never use MultiMarkdown, but I put it in there because there was demand from users to add it. So, I imagine most users completely ignore the MMD component of Scrivener - the only things that indicate it is there is the MultiMarkdown Settings sheet and certain export options. But for some users, it is an essential component of Scrivener…