What is "PDF Display" and why does it do nothing?

Win v3 full release.

View > PDF Display > ??

It’s not greyed out. But hovering over and clicking on PDF Display does nothing. I have a vague memory of it creating a quick preview of your text as a temp PDF in v2.

Is there a reason why it’s now functionless?

PDF Display defines the options for viewing PDF files from your Research folder.


This works very similarly as it did in 1.9.x - it alters the way a PDF is displayed within Scrivener (from your Research folder). It will do nothing without a PDF to show it. Technically, I think it should be greyed out if you don’t have a PDF selected…

When (in my case) you drag and drop a pdf into your research folder you get access to more settings pertaining to that pdf when it is active.

[attachment=0]pdf options.png[/attachment]

Thank you everyone that explains it. Agreed it should be greyed out when not in use.

Yes, there’s a bug here whereby the submenu is not displaying when a PDF isn’t selected; it should behave in the usual fashion and show the submenu of options with those options disabled when not applicable.

I tested it and yes, it works in this way :slight_smile:

could use a little organizing, probably, when its number comes up in priorities, as was probably planned.

The features are nice - didn’'t know they were there and tried them…