What is the body font size for hardcover US Trade pocket?

I am finishing up a book for uploading to Lulu.com and are working on the compiler part now.
I am not sure though what size I should give to the fonts. I wrote the whole book in A4 page format, font Cochin size 14, but this looks too big for an A5 page size, US Trade pocket (which is the format on Lulu.com). I know that I can change this in the Compiler, but I am not sure about the size of the body text.

The font size varies with publishers and genres. What I would suggest is to print out a page of any size, with the font size you want to try, and compare that physical printed font with the font size of a book that you like - maybe it is of your genre or you think it looks the way you want your book to look.

Start out with 10pt which I believe is pretty standard. Old style mass market paperbacks used to use ‘eyestrain eight’ or 8pt with tiny margins to shave every penny off production costs (which could well be a consideration in keeping the cost of your own book lower). 12pt is likely closer to Large Type (or maybe that is more like your 14pt?) And 11pt is a bit more generous for readers than 10pt would be.

You might also hunt around in the Lulu site, or email them, and see if they have any recommendations.

  • asotir

I decided to go for Cochin 12. On Lulu they gave me this advice:

"Hi Andreas,

Though I love large fonts, I think 14 is definitely too big. Maximum 12 point for a non-large print edition book - for adults."