What is the "Make Default" button?

I investigated whether I could create new documents in my Scrivener project that had a default Label setting of “To Do” rather than “No Label.” I looked through the User Manual, and on page 72 it says: “When you create new items in the binder, either by adding items or importing, they will automatically be supplied by a default label and status value. Ordinarily this will be assigned to the “No Label” or “No Status” choices. If you wish to change this behaviour, select the alternate value by clicking on its row, and then click the Make Default button.”

I swear I have looked everywhere, and it’s probably somewhere really obvious, but I am not seeing a Make Default button. Perhaps I don’t understand where I’m supposed to click on its row (actually, now that I write this, I’m not sure which row you mean there, which might be the primary problem). Can you explain the steps I can take to set a new default Label?

That button can be found in the same place where you customise labels and status, in the Project menu, “Meta-Data Settings…”. Simple select the Status tab, click on To Do once, and then click the “Make Default” button in the lower-right corner.

We cross-posted, so I’ll put my edit here:

I posted this, and then of course I find the “Make Default” button (I assume it’s the right one: it’s in the Project > Meta-Data Settings window).

However, clicking Make Default has NO feedback. I have no idea that I’ve chosen that label as the default. I see that if I create a new file, it does have the label “To Do,” but I think it would help somewhat if there were some kind of visual indicator (bolding, or a glyph off to the side) to tell users what the current default is. I also would like to request this bit of the documentation be edited slightly to make the instructions more clear.

Hmm, are you using an unorthodox system font or something? The default item should be bold in that list, so if To Do is default, it will look like this:

Nope, no unusual fonts. (I have learned my lesson after messing with Adium and being the only person I know who can’t use that program because of font problems.)