what is the most efficient way to insert page breaks in a vertically long table which overlaps multiple pages ?

I obviously want to insert the page breaks at specific points in the table. It’s not just a question of randomly inserting page breaks which already happens automatically because the table spans multiple pages
thanks in advance for your time and help

I wouldn’t do that in Scrivener. Tables and layout are better done in a wysiwyg word processor and layout app, like Pages or Word, or Affinity Publisher.

thank you for your reply.

The problem then becomes that I create an external document for a tiny part of my project with all the complications it entails, such as not being included in the compilation.

I found a workaround: I duplicate the document → delete rows as necessary → merge the same documents

Are your tables “dynamic”? By that I mean,. do you need to change them as your project develops, or once you have created them you don’t have to go back to edit them on a regular basis?

If they’re not dynamic, and once set you won’t need to change them, or that is infrequent, I’d create the pages in whatever app you choose, print them to PDF and either import the pages into Scrivener or perhaps link to them.

Do you need to be able to refer to them as you are writing?



yes, they are dynamic. thank you for your reply.

No, you misunderstood. Keep the stuff you need in the table as its own document while you write. Make it easy to spot it afterwards. When you’re done writing, compile to .rtf or .docx, open in a layout app and fix the last things.

Scrivener isn’t made for fixing the layout while you write.

OK thank you for your time and explanations