What is the new feature in V1.0?

On David Hewson’s blog announcing an update to his Scrivener related ebook, he mentions that V1.0 has a feature not found in the beta.

“This is not the beta with 1.0 attached to its name. It has at least one important feature from the Mac parent not seen in the betas or the Nanowrimo edition”

I have 1.0 but can’t immediately see what the new feature is – can anyone tell me?

I think it might be the automatic backup feature? You can set if it backs up when you open the project, close the project, or only does it manually.

Yeah, that’s probably what he is referring to. That feature can be a life saver, especially if you use Dropbox or something, as you can point the auto-backup feature to there and get instant distributed backups to all your machines and the main servers. The documentation has all been updated in regards to it; so check out §6.7 (pg. 46) in the user manual for details. It’s set up to work in a pretty sane fashion by default; but if you want to tweak anything, the settings are in the Backup option tab.

Yep, that’s the one.

Aha. Thanks for the confirmation. I did see this but assumed it was a feature that was already present and just turned off in the Betas. Looks useful though.

Yes - that’s the one I was thinking off. I have both Mac and Windows versions running side by side in this little video here by the way.


Thanks for the further confirmation and for the video.

As a Windows user, the missing feature I’d like to see is the document template functionality i.e. making (for example) a character sheet, setting it to be a template then being able to create new docs using that template.

I know I can manually do much of what templates can do but I can see myself using that a lot.

Edit: Oh, and custom icons - as a very visual person, I’d use this a great deal too.