What is the newest version of Scrivener for Win?

What is the newest version of Scrivener for Win?


literatureandlatte.com/scri … os=Windows

Many thanks for the link.

Is there any drawback to enable that option:

"Refinements and Changes

These changes focus on making Scrivener more resilient and robust:

We have introduced the safer Windows Scrivener 3.0 save mechanism as an option for saving Scrivener project files in version 1.9.9 (not enabled by default). You can switch this on/off via the menu Tools -> Options... then check the checkbox titled: Use safe document saving mechanism. Checking this option protects against losing data during a system crash such as a power failure, unexpected Windows shutdown etc. You can switch back and forth between this new save mechanism and the old. For more detailed information about the differences between these two save options go ahead and change the setting and read the dialog that displays"

No, I don’t think so. I think it refers to the way it’s been on Mac for a while, i.e. every time you stop writing for a few seconds the program automatically saves any changed files in the background.

I never save my project in Scrivener because this is always done automatically. So when I am about to stop writing, I pause for a few seconds, then close the project, and usually then also close Scrivner. Two key clicks and all is safe and backed up as well.

Such an option I have checked anyway (each 2 sec.):

Yes, so do I, above all because of the 2 second saving option aboe.

Pause? Because of the automatic saving option to get save the the last changes? And closing Scrivener because it automatically does a back up on closing (if the back up option is set like that)?

Yes. :slight_smile:

Hi Biff,

Some users who enable that option AND keep their live projects in DropBox experience the error discussed in this thread: [url]Cannot save]

It is a longish thread, but worth reading if you want to find out how this option will ultimately be implemented in the final v3 Windows product.

By the way, I’ve enabled that option AND I keep my live projects in DropBox, but I ‘ve never experienced the error. Based on forum posts, I don’t believe many people do. But it is a possibility.


Hello Jim,

Alright, I do not use DropBox, so one reason more to use / try that option. Although it seems as if the´2 (or whatever) second save function (above) would be enough. Anyway, actually I would think this automatic save option (with 2 seconds enabled with me) should be enough.

And thank you for the link.

Yes Biff, if you don’t use Dropbox then the new type of save is the way to go, as it provides far more protection to your project in the event of an OS crash.

OK, thank you, Jim!