What is the quickest way to serially connect multiple notes with arrows?

Below is illustrated what I can easily do (select A, then B to E and connect) but don’t want, and what I would like to be able to do quickly but don’t know how.

In terms of workflow, I often find myself serially connecting notes to create a map.

thanks in advance for your time and help

can have lines to a series of notes all at once if circle all notes at once with mouse, then align top edges and then click connect all. (doesn’t seem to work with arrows and unfortunately if move notes out of alignment will see mulitiple lines like you don’t want.
Another way is to ctrl click two notes then shortcut (windows) Ctrl+Alt+. (period dot) and will connect two notes with an arrow, then move down chain and do again. Maybe some else is more clever.

that’s what I do and was looking for a faster way. thank you

the only other way is to create the diagram the way you want it maybe even up to seven notes that way and use as a template. Circle the group of notes (empty placeholders) and paste and fill out with info you want in the note and use over and over again. I have character templates in scapple I use that way and copy and paste and then fill in.

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very smart idea. I will create a template containing all such problematic diagrams. Easier to delete the excess than to create from scratch. Thanks VERY much !