What is the source of your OPML files??

I have been using Freeplane and tried exporting as opml and importing into Scrivener with no luck.

They are just like the mm files without the data.
It seemed to be a significant addition for some folks.
I must have missed something here.

Any ideas…



if you go to the Scrivener Facebook page, there is a link to a good video tutorial about using Freeplane with Scrivener.
Below is the direct link to the video

Thanks, I guess I missed the part about opml…??


Most outline and mindmap software use the OPML format. Freeplane and Freemind have their own .mm format, so since those are particularly popular on Windows, Lee added that as an option for the import/export. There’s no reason to use .opml for those over the .mm format; it doesn’t offer any other options or anything, it’s just the more common format.

Thank you.

After snooping around I can not find where opml is of any significance when using basic mindmapping files.
The video did not get into opml so that was a moot issue.

I appreciate your help and the time you took to provide it.


It just depends on the software you’re using. Folks who use outliner software that exports to OPML have been eager for this addition to Scrivener so they can bring in their outline and then flesh it out and get to writing. Some mind map software also uses this format. If you’re not using something that works in OPML format, then the OPML import/export functions are not going to be significant to you, no. :wink: