What is the status of Compile to test against? A number of things do not work, or are they missing?

I can invoke the Compile process and create PDF and .docx documents. However it works perfectly on Mac and I have numerous problems with 2903, including:

  1. Bullets and ordered list work perfectly on Mac using the same Compile Format, but the tabbing on first line appears to be missing a tab on Windows.

  2. The bullet size for .docx is grotesquely large, even though it looks OK for PDF and on Mac

  3. Page Breaks for sections are not recognized

  4. Even when specifying Front and Back Matter and having it appear in the third column as content to be included, it is not, but it shows perfectly on Mac. On Windows it starts with the Draft Folder contents even though it is showing the Front Matter should come first.

  5. Front and Back Matter do not lock in on 2903, even though they do on Mac. Therefore, every time I start Compile again, I need to click on the Front Matter and Back Matter to add to the Content in Column 3. (The boxes to include them are still checked if I have them Locked, but they disappear from the Content column when I invoke Compile again, whereas on Mac, they are still listed in the Content column.

  6. I noticed that there are far less section assignments on Windows which is what got me thing that there may be more Compile functionality that is not implemented yet.

Should all of the above points be considered bugs, or coming soon?

You are correct that Compile is not yet fully functional. I will make a note to revisit your issues once Compile has been implemented. Thanks!

Thanks. Just wanted to know status. Hopefully more is available in 2904. I love the way the Projects Sections can be set up and Compile options now define. Will continue to learn more about on my MAc for now. But really anxious to test it out on Windows when more complete.