What is this feature and how do I turn it off? (See image)

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 6.08.25 PM.png
I’ll be typing in composition mode and every now and again a partial word will highlight and a drop shadow appears. How do I turn this off? It’s quite distracting.

I don’t usually use Composition mode, but I fired it up….

That is the Mac completion suggestion. If you were to hit the spacebar in your example, the word “happening” would be completed for you. It shows up in the regular editor as blue text on a white lozenge—but for some reason the colours are messed up in Composition mode. Wow, that is really hard to read. Dang.

To turn it off, go to Scrivener > Preferences, click on the “Corrections” pane, and un-check “Correct spelling errors as you type”. Or, if you want spelling correction as you type, just don’t use Composition mode.

Hope this helps!

How do I get to see this strange effect myself? I recall someone else reporting it, and it seems to be a bug in the macOS text system when the text editor appears in certain environments, but I don’t believe I’ve managed to reproduce it myself (it works fine in composition mode for me).

Many thanks. I’ve turned it off.

I’ll see if I can produce a small test project and post it, Keith. It may have to do with the weird colours I’ve assigned to composition mode, so I’ll post a copy of my prefs as well.

Got it! To see this bug you must first place Scrivener in MacOS full screen mode, THEN enter composition mode. I’ve enclosed both a sample project and my scriv prefs in case the prefs are a factor.

CompositionModeBug.zip (425 KB)

Good hunting!