What Is This Movie!?!

A friend emailed me, describing a movie he’d seen and asking if I knew what it was (I don’t). He doesn’t know who was in it, he guesses it was made in the 60s. The description is below. Anyone have any ideas?

I would guess that the movie is from the 60’s. A secret agent goes to
Rome to get some information from a super-hottie about a rogue group
of people trying to take over the world. After not killing him, the
hottie takes him to her secret luxury flat and tells him there is a
Volcano, but not what the volcano does. In the middle of the night
after a one night stand, the agent sneaks out of the flat with keys to
the woman’s office (which is apparently a front selling a beauty cream
called Exotica) and finds a safe. He cracks the safe and gets in it to
search for documents, but is instead locked in the safe, which is
really a trailer, and is towed by a Biscayne to a secret location
where he is to be killed. Meanwhile, the rogue organization takes over
all airwaves and gets the attention of the War Room of some country
(which is probably America) and says they are taking over the world by
controlling the weather from a volcano. Then, to prove it, they blow
up a dormant volcano in Japan with a force to register a Richter of
4.9. They then demand the world to disolve their militaries in one

That sounds like Our Man Flint (1966), a James Bond spoof of sorts.

Yes, Our Man Flint for sure … Lee Marvin as Flint. Great spoof.

No Mark - the late, great, and much-lamented James Coburn. 8)

Of course, Jimmy might have been one of Lee’s sons


Molto embarrassment … :blush: :blush: :blush:

You are of course totally right, Hugh … I haven’t seen it in decades and have often wished that I could. I’ve not even seen it in the pirated DVD shops here … and you’d be amazed at what they do have … and I don’t think it’s on iTunes.

I have to say I enjoyed it very much more than the various James Bonds.

Thank you both!