What Is This Older Microsoft Word Add On that Inserted Kanji Characters?

I am asking this question on behalf of a friend, so I can ask him for more information about this, if necessary.

At one point – quite a number of years ago - my friend was writing a book using Microsoft Word for the English text, and “add-on software” which inserted code in order to make some of the text appear as Kanji.

My friend cannot remember the name of the software, and would like to find that out, as well as whether there is a current version of the software.

In his email to me, my friend said the following about the software:

  1. He would open the ‘Kanji’ software, select the characters via Romaji or Big5, and the ‘Kanji’ software would insert codes into the text which appeared as Kanji

  2. The software was the same software used by the Asian Languages Department at the university my friend worked at

  3. The software allowed my friend “to insert very accurate, brush-quality kanji, as well as sort of typical text kanji”

  4. The software was very expensive at the time (somewhere in the region of US $500 – 700)

I would appreciate any help that anyone here can provide with this question.

Thank you.

It doesn’t seem to be problem.

typing Japanese on a Mac

type Japanese on Windows 10

If he’s looking for that specific software, maybe ask the university’s Asian Languages Department?

Thanks, Katherine.

Yes, I am sure that occurred to him (it certainly did to me :slight_smile: ), but I think he has already tried that - perhaps it has been so long that there are no longer any records of what that software was.

I had planned to follow up on this, and will post here whatever I find out.

Thanks again.

Thanks, Bob.

I will relate this to my friend, and see what he says.

Hi Everyone.

A bit of an update.

Turns out that my friend was aware of the Windows and Mac ways of typing Kanji, but he was looking for a more sophisticated presentation of the Kanji characters, which had been originally satisfied for him by the software he used to use.

Consulting the Asian Languages Department who also used the software at the time that my friend did, revealed that the software was one of the (late 90s, early 2000s) UnionWay software suites - now long gone, it seems.

Thanks to everyone here for helping.
UnionWay Asian Languages software suites

Maybe look at typesetting/page layout software specifically focused on the language he’s interested in?

Since I assume he’s fluent, maybe ask a relevant forum what native speakers of the language use?

Thanks, Katherine.

He is almost fluent.

He was using the Kanji to supplement his mainly English text for a book on Judo that he had almost finished somewhere around the early 2000s, I think.

I think part of the issue for him was the high aesthetic quality of the reproduction of the Kanji, and also that the high quality of the Kanji characters meant that one could see the original Chinese foundation of the characters very clearly.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

Hi Katherine,
I see that you asked a question about what the Microsoft Word add on was that inserted Kanji characters.

As I said in a message above, it is one of the UnionWay Asian Language suites (my friend could not remember the exact one) - they all have variations on the name AsianSuite, and are now long defunct.

See this link
UnionWay Asian Languages software suites