What is this?

I’m getting this in certain places in my book, mostly at the end of a line…


Any idea as to what that is or what it represents?

Version: Beta (1214272) 64-bit - 27 Feb 2021


Moved to beta forum. – Katherine

I thought I might have seen this, in some experiments recently with ebooks, but can’t replicate, so I think I didn’t.

Otherwise, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such, and web search turns up nothing.

It would probably help if you would think to give some details. Such as:

  • indicate what kind of ebook are you compiling to (ebook-3, mobi, etc.)
  • describe which Format you chose - Default, Ebook, etc.
  • say what the error text string is, exactly – does it reallly have parentheses around it, or did you put those in?
  • say where your text came from – did you write it only in Scrivener, or bring it in from another place, as into Research?
  • if the text was from elsewhere, did you paste it in after copying from an editor etc., or import it in some way, like in
  • maybe paste a sample of text that gets this marking into a plain text editor (Notebook, or programming editor) and save it, then attach that txt file to a posting

If you really get into it, support would probably like to have a sample project with at least a page which generates the marks.

I think I personally have no more to offer, but the above should be useful…


Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

Yeah, nothing on your list applies. I would have added it if it did. I had copy and pasted it (exactly as I’ve shown it in my post, that’s how it appears) to Word and Word Perfect to see if any insight could be had. WP especially has an amazing feature called REVEAL CODES and you can see down to the fine detail what’s there. I wish that all word processors did the same - it’s far beyond the paragraph codes that the usual reveal codes gets you.

Anyway, I do have older copies of the manuscript if the devs want to see it.

Thanks again,

A little history trivia about why some word processors do not have something like WordPerfect’s Reveal Codes feature: WordPerfect files are a byte stream, so it’s pretty easy to locate and display most codes. But Word files are mostly a system of containers and doing a complete Reveal Codes would be complicated.

Anyway, that’s from memory from many years ago.

Ah, but, WordPerfect!!! What a blast from the past that is :slight_smile:

It was actually my first experience with a word processor – on an Osborne somehow borrowed. A definite digression…but I do remember being fascinated in some way, typing in paragraphs from a John Fowles novel, and seeing them appear ‘in the hand’ this way.

I’d stipulate to your Reveal Codes, but not trust it necessarily in the case of your ebook results. Thinking a bit on the same lines as BClarke. It’s not necessarily true that WP would recognize funny sequences as codes.

I have a feeling somehow that your text coming from Word Perfect may in fact have something to do with the unexpected extras in the ebook.

So what happens if you take the same text area, put it in Word, and then bring it into Scrivener for an ebook section from there??

What a fun discussion!

Thanks for the insight into WP codes but I still think having Reveal Codes would be amazing. I haven’t yet found anything WP couldn’t figure out and it’s just a blessing to be able to see exactly what’s happening in a document.

Word Perfect in general: I still use it (the current, updated version) for 3 of 4 projects I do. Having used since the early, early days I just find it more efficacious for my work, which is a professional writer. I started with it on an old IBM PC, WP version 4.2 or something like that. I’ve kept it updated since.

For scripts (most of my professional writing) I have shifted over several years ago to Final Draft. But many of my 34 sold screenplays were written in WordPerfect using macros I designed.

I do like and use Word at times - creating a ToC is so much easier in Word.

For my book (on scriptwriting) I’m using Scrivener exclusively and most likely Jutoh for formatting and outputting although I haven’t yet tried to compile it in an e-book format yet in Scrivener so I may stick with that once finished and I see the results.

FYI: Nothing in the book currently was written in anything but Scrivener 2.x and then early on switching to the wonderful 3.x ( beta.)

Thanks for the great discussion. Hasn’t solved the issue but this was better! :smiley:


P.S. I had two Osbornes and was a sysop for an Osborne RBBS.