what keys am i hitting that are deleting things?

This is going to sound insane, but here goes:

I have been using Scrivener for a while now and I absolutely love it. I used to have an old iBook G4, and wrote an entire novel on it with no problem.

I just got one of the black MacBooks (I don’t like the new MacBooks, but was waiting for the price to drop), and have settled in to work.

However, something I am hitting on the keyboard is causing me to highlight a paragraph and delete it. Repeatedly. Not once in a while, once ever 5 minutes. I’m sure everyone here can understand how frustrating that can be. Yes, I can undo and reclaim it, but when I’m writing in full screen mode it becomes a huge distraction - not to mention that I’m terrified I’ll delete something without noticing it. I also regularly have the cursor jumping back, either in words or in lines, which also causes me to have to do the whole undo typing thing again.

I’m being HYPER sensitive to make sure my fingers aren’t anywhere near the command buttons.

Can anyone help me figure out what key combination or command sequence I am hitting that is causing this to happen? I know this sounds like a long shot, but I thought I’d give it a go. Or maybe someone here also uses a MacBook and had this happen to them. Are my fingers too close to the command key? Is the touchpad too sensitive and I’m brushing it without noticing it?

If nothing else this will probably be the most unique problem posted here, and maybe my foolishness will mak–

Ah, it just happened again - twice! once the cursor jumped up three paragraphs into the middle of the first tline, and the second time it jumped into the space between pghs above the “if nothing” paragraph.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to anyone in the US. I am thankful for scrivener; it made writing my second novel SO MUCH EASIER. It never would have gotten finished if I’d had to rely on Microsoft Word.

Might part of your hand be hitting the track pad? The newer systems are pretty sensitive compared to the old. As a test try putting something between the trackpad and your hand or stand up and type while the book is a little lower then normal (creating a bigger angle between your hand the the keyboard)(be careful not to do this too long as it might be uncomfortable).

You may have a problem with your hardware. if you are not typing do you see the pointer move around? Try typing a few of each letter and see if on one specific letter the mound point suddenly moves. Unlikely, but possible.

Lastly is my person favorite. Maybe the system hates you. Sometimes mine does. Maybe your system and my system are related…

Welcome aboard Scrivener :smiley:

Apparently there is an old Apple bug that causes the space bar to delete highlighted text (thats hi-lighted as in CopynPaste). Is that what youre doing?
Im afraid I cant help you anymore than that. :blush:
Take care

The delete key can offer the same result Vic-k :slight_smile:

Spacebar is probably the culprit. Happens to me all the time.

You definitely ought to check Keyboard & Mouse settings at the system level, under the trackpad tab. There is an option to ignore accidental input while typing. This may solve your problem. If you are sitting there, hands off of the computer, and it is jumping around on you, then you probably have a candidate machine for Apple Care.

What it sounds like might be happening is you have some (either input glitch or hardware issue) causing the cursor to jump up by paragraphs. If while you are typing you happened to be holding down the shift key it will select up by paragraphs, triggering Vic’s infamous spacebar bug.

Just to rule out Scrivener, though, try typing for a while in TextEdit and see if it happens there, too.

The space bar delete phenomenon happens for me, in Mellel/Scriv/TextEdit/Bean/AppleWorks. It responds to UNDO, but you wont find anything in the trash.
[size=50]Probably the ETs causing it![/size]

So if you select a stretch of text and hit ANY key the selected text will be replaced with the appropriate value for that key. This is intentional behavior and is used to change large amounts of text.

I think that jukegrad is experiencing is a “random” cursor move/text selection. The resultant chaning of text is expected. It is the sudden selection that is odd.

Then again I may be wrong. But I doubt it this time.

[size=50]Close encounters of the third finger![/size]

Of course it will! Of course it is!! Makes pure simple sense when you put it like that.
Trouble is 10000 words of angst and inner turmoil, in EDIT SCRIVENINGS suddenly disappearing before its copied, and being replaced by a space is pretty scarey. Thats a very big space,if you havent got your wits about you and hit anything other than Undo. Youd think an Apple Warning would flash up and say something like, "Thats an awful lot of angstninner turmoil, you just dumped. Are you sure y know what youre doing?"
Could end up with ignoramuses like me blaming poor old Scriv :blush:

[size=50]You have to ask yourself, “Where have all those words gone?”[/size]

I see. That conditional does seem to point out a certain doom for you.

Scrounge up an old mouse and plug it in. Then go to the keyboard and mouse system preferences and under trackpad select “ignore trackpad when mouse is present”

Then do your work for a while. If the problem doesn’t manifest, you probably are messing with the trackpad.

If your trackpad is set to allow mouse clicks by tapping the infamous TRIPLE click will cause a large selection laying the ground work for the infamous space bar bug :slight_smile:

Also large amounts of alcohol can reproduce this behavior sometimes as well just ask the drunken three legged puppy who is into oggling young Olympic Gymnasts for means other than their performance on the balance beam.


I feel it incumbent upon my good self, to point out, that: This is the Tech. Support Forum…not SNL. I`m sure Keith/Dave/Av, are chomping at the bit with suitable/appropriate interjections.
Thank You

It seems that the remembered cursor position is not following and repositioning quickly enough. That is how I am getting text added or deleted at the wrong places. It is very annoying.

Hmm. Try setting your auto-save interval to 4 or 5 seconds instead of two. Perhaps your internal editing clock is conflicting with Scrivener’s auto-save, so whenever you go to do something it is in the process of writing to the disk and thus pausing user input.