What kids now a days won't recognize

Ok I will start this simple test with a post. I challenge you to post a picture of something you have used in the past that kids now a days would probably not recognize.

Here goes

Whoa, what XBox game is that last one? The graphics it in are really photorealistic.

It’s a cool first-person shooter game. They were really fun to throw at each other when we ran out of firecrackers.

I remember that cord well. I bet I’d find my sister attached to the other end of it.

I’d forgotten what they looked like myself :frowning:

Interesting. I figured you’d go with something like this:


Wot is it? A slow cooker? :frowning:

Mmmmmm… Roast peasant; my favorite!

Here’s one for the damned kids these days:

(Due to popularity there is now an online emulator)


Nowadays as one word.



The subjunctive mood.*

Or if they are English, virtually anything written in their native language that makes use of reasonably good grammar.

*Italian friends tell me it seems to be under threat in Italian, too, which seems incredible to me. It has been fading from English for some time.


You still can!

Swatch watches have come back in style around here, believe it or not.