What kind of installation is Scrivener?


I am using Scrivener on my private Macs (MacBook Air and MacBook Pro) for my personal writing.

Now, in a new department at work I am doing some things that could correctly be describes as “research” of sorts. Including the compilation of documents from bits and pieces, in other words, using MS Word would be awkward. The value Scrivener could provide would be even bigger than on the Mac, as I use DevonThink on OS X for research material collection, and as there is no Windows version of this available, Scrivener could take over that role, too.

I would even be happy to pay the licence fee out of my personal account :wink: .

However, we have a very strict IT policy in place at my company, and we are not allowed to install anything that is not approved by something central called SWAP (software approval process), where the software is vetted from a risk and legal point of view. This would take ages and would probably be rejected in my case (“Word is our standard program, and if it is good enough for all the other 70.000 employees, it should be good enough for you”; something along this line).

The policy is enforced by automatic program checks on the PCs, where everything that is unknown is deleted…

With other programs, colleagues have used the tried-and-tested approach to install a portable version on a USB stick and to start it from there (Firefox portable, NVU portable…).

My question: is it possible to install the Windows version of Scrivener on an external drive (USB) without leaving traces on the PC?

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You can create a portably version of Scrivener on a USB stick.

However, don’t do it. Anything you can do on a computer can be traced on a computer. More importantly, it can easily be discovered by someone seeing you use the programme. Deliberately circumventing the IT security policies is probably a sackable offence in your contract.

Scrivener is a lovely programme, but it’s not lovelier than a job. Plus MS Word is good enough for the other 70,000 employees, so it should ev good enough for you. :wink:

As pigfender says, you can install on a USB stick. However, it isn’t completely portable, in that it does write to the computer registry, and I believe that it creates a folder in the Program Files (x86) directory. So, again, if this is something that would get you fired, stick with Word.

Good points…

As long as I don’t connect to the corporate network (would be rejected anyway, as it is an unknown device), and I don’t store anything on the Internet, I could use my MB Air (bring your own device is okay up to a point here). That is probably the way to go.

Structure the text in Scrivener, start writing some sections, push them around until the structure becomes solid, export to Word, continue on the company PC.

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Jumping in late with pointless snark here, but … I think I see a new marketing slogan for Word: “If you have no more imagination than the other 70,000 people around here, Word should be good enough for you.”