What kind of Scrivener user are you?

As a regular user of Scrivener, I consider myself in the first place

  • a fiction writer
  • a screenwriter
  • an academic writer
  • a journalist
  • none of these

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Is it true that the majority of Scrivener users are fiction writers and screenplay writers? Or is the composition of our community much more heterogeneous? A litte poll could shed light in the dark!

Hard to choose just one of these. I bought Scrivener for writing fiction, but am using it for academic writing and non-fiction writing. So far, I haven’t done much fiction in Scrivener, because it has given me a new lease of life in some other projects that I was getting fed up with, thereby delaying my contribution to world literature! :wink:

As Siren says, some of us are not just one of the things above. Writing for living is often a mix of all of them. I write reviews, fiction, screenplays, and technical documents.

Well I think the key word in the question is consider. I consider myself a writer of fiction, even though most of the stuff I write is non-fiction.

Exactly. Of course we all write various kinds of things, but nevertheless many of us will consider themselves a certain kind of writer rather than another. And this is important, because there should be a direct relationship between a self chosen authorial identity and the expectations one has of an application like Scrivener.

Looks like so far I was right - even though the screenwriters have remained curiously quiet. :slight_smile: Also, remember that the vast majority of Scrivener users don’t use this forum…
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But, statistical sampling groups never distort reality!

Especially self-selected sample groups!

So, I still need two options, since I’m both a fiction writer and a screenwriter “by nature”. Really, I can’t imagine doing only one of these jobs.


I must be very confused about my identity… The only thing I can say for certain is that I have never written a screenplay, and I don’t see myself as a screenwriter! (Although now that you mention it, I wouldn’t mind giving it a go.)

In the end, I voted for the option which most closely matches what I have used Scrivener for most in the month or so since I bought it. And that is undoubtedly “academic writer”, since I have been up to my eye-balls in essays, assignments and exam revision. But in the past I have earned a living as technical author, freelance writer and non-fiction writer (so I suppose I have at some point seen myself as “journalist” and “none of these”). I want to be a fiction writer, but I can’t wholeheartedly see myself as one until I’m published.

Maybe I need therapy :wink:

I’m a none of these, as what I do most with Scrivener is edit Chinese-English translations done by Chinese native speakers. But I’m sure at some point soon I will be using it to write up lectures, which would make me an academic writer, I guess, and I would love to write fiction if only other people hadn’t already written the fiction I would love to write!

What’s that you were saying about needing therapy? :wink:


I’ve always written fiction, until the last couple of years, when I completed a non-fiction book, which was very new to me. It was a bit uncategorizable. (At least, that’s what the editors told me :slight_smile:

Now I’ve picked a category and started a new non-fiction work, thanks to Scrivener. But I’m still working on revamping a novel, too. I look forward to using Scrivener on it, maybe I’ll finally get the knots out of the middle section an agent pointed out!

What I love is how Scrivener can be many different problems with the labels and the status, even to how the full screen works. Templates! Great concept.

Hmm. I know only 42 people have voted, but it is a little worrying that I spent a lot of time in 1.04 on improving the script-side of things, and not one voter has so far said they are a script writer! Maybe they are all busy hobnobbing in Hollywood or something…

Well, anyhow this little poll, for what it’s worth, seems to confirm a lively interest in Scrivener not only among fiction writers, which is hardly surprising, but also in academic circles.

And given the fact that the mere knowledge of Scrivener’s existence will presently be greater among fiction writers, for which it was made in the first place, than among academic writers, the percentage of non-fiction-oriented users of Scrivener could be bound to grow.

Lol, can’t say you were wrong, can you? :slight_smile:

Yes, I can, Keith! I have no problem in admitting that the percentage of fiction witers is somewhat larger than I presumed. On the other hand … it’s still 50%: a relative majority, but not a clear absolute majority.

And how many applications which were originally developed as a tool for fiction writing will attract such a lively attention among people who don’t have any intention to write novels? Scrivener is really becoming a tool for all kinds of writers, and this seems very positive to me.

Thanks. :slight_smile: (I was only joking, of course.) This is why I’m looking at footnotes and annotations at the moment, and trying to provide a little better integration with Bookends…

I’m sure that’s very good news for many dedicated users of Scrivener! You’ve made abundantly clear why footnotes etc. presently can’t be supported the way many of us would like; and there’s no need to repeat all that. But I appreciate it very much that in this field too you do what you can!

I love what you’re considering for footnotes and annotations (detailed elsewhere on this board). Even though I write fiction, not academic work, both footnotes and annotations really come in handy when I’m writing my historicals. They’re in there for me, not the final manuscript, but I do use them.

(And though I use Endnotes at the moment, I’ve been looking at Bookends and will no doubt go to it if it becomes friendlier with Scrivener (and, from what I’ve heard, maybe Devonthink, too).)

Thanks for all your hard work. :smiley:

Well, I don’t see myself represented by any of the choices here. I am completing my academic work (have my dissertation defense in two weeks, shivers!) and from here on out, I do plan to write non-academic non-fiction, essays, articles, books, and the like, as well as fiction projects. I already have a novel in process as well as a rather sizeable non-fiction project that is neither academic nor journalistic in nature. So I guess I’m both a fiction and non-academic, non-fiction writer.