What Limits Scrivener 4 Formatting 4 Amazon & B&N ??

I have just started the Free Trial but wanting to know more, I visited the forum and found posts that seemed to indicate a universal feeling that you MUST have MS Word or something equivalent and export your work in order to final format, presumably for Amazon and B & N. I was hoping not to need MS Word, because of the cost. Now, of course, I can’t find the posts. I believe this question would be appropriate here.

I am just starting my final formatting, but have at least 2 and possibly 3 books to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I believe I will love Scrivener, butt don’t want to spend too much time, if it’s a dead end for some reason. The first 2 books I will be releasing are collections of short stories, but I do have a screenplay I am working on as well.

So far, I have noticed what may or may not be a limitation, unless it is my inexperience,… that is,… I want my line spacing to be 1.15 and in MS Word, you must indicate that, along with “multiple.” When I do that in Scrivener, it seems to accept that setting, but I see it has later changed on it’s own to 1.2 If that’s it, I’m good, but could someone remark on my concern?

You need to post this in the Technical Support forum, not here. Alternatively, email technical support.

You don’t absolutely need MS Word – or any other word processor – for many sorts of final product. It depends on how complicated your formatting is going to be.


I produce my eBooks entirely from Scrivener. This is the first time I hear that MS-Word (which I don’t have either and don’t intend to have ever again) should be needed.

So: No. Scrivener is capable to create eBooks in epub and Kindle-format without problems.