What Makes Gamers Angry While Playing?

Something sets off players’ mood.

Tired of working hard? Want to enjoy the last moments of the day to play games? But there are always events that will drive you crazy. Let’s see if you’ve ever fallen into this kind of situations.
Playing games is a way to relax after a long week of work, but there are many things that can set off your mood and you just want to throw your gaming device immediately.

Being teased by a friend while playing
It’s clear to say that games to play with online friends is to make fun and sometimes to tease what friends do to each other.
But when you are on the verge of losing, your team network is way far behind the opponent team: your only concern is how to carry the team, how to win the game and to accomplish that, you need 100% focus.

Then, your friend starts to tease you. The next thing you know, you are no longer concentrating on the game, only piss.

No longer concentrating on the game

Playing a game without a checkpoint
We are all familiar with the iconic game Dark Soul, the game is ultimately gain a 10/10 rate as the story is fantastic, the graphic is beautiful, but there is one problem that drops its stars.
The game doesn’t have an autosave mechanism nor checkpoint. If you die, it is irritating to play from the beginning of that chapter, wasted all of your time.

Lag and bugs

Lag and bugs are familiar to all gamers nowadays even when they play some online games most popular. Every game has it, from worst to best games. For example, you are playing Cockfighting, there is only one opponent left, and you know that if you fight him, the possibility of you beat him is solid.
Then while you are running, you suddenly rocket out of the map and died, all of your hard work just vanished.


The server is a problem that bothers many gamers. A large number of players flocks in the server making it unstable causing the lag and overload condition is no longer a strange story.
Also, poor maintenance, lost connection cause the gaming experience to be unpleasant.


It may not be too long, but it makes us feel irritated.

Every game has its loading process, depending on the game’s producer whether to let us free roam characters. Usually, most games will be just a black font and a loading icon.
And sometimes, while waiting for buffering, we are able to finish our dinner. It may not be too long, but it makes us feel irritated.

Gaming must be a comfortable, relaxing experience for yourself and your friends. However, sometimes playing games with impatient friends makes the game a burden.
There will be situations when your team is losing, and you need all the positivity as possible, then your friend starting to draw and give up early. That’s not a good feeling while you are playing competitive games.

Here are some things that make gamers trouble, difficulty playing the game. Let’s check top free online games for PC now!
And don’t hesitate to share with us what makes you trouble while playing games.